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7 Reasons to Choose A Heated Tent Rental

Modern-day tent structures offer many of the same benefits as permanent buildings. Here are 7 reasons to choose a heated tent rental.

Many industries are finding they need to create more space on the property, whether that’s for staff use, storage, and more. You can’t create more buildings in a matter of hours, but what you can do is use a heated tent rental. These offer you all the benefits of a full building, as well as being highly versatile. Here are just some reasons why you’ll want to look into a heated tent rental for your business. 

1. Get A New Building In Hours

One of the best things about a tent rental is just how quickly they can be put up. Depending on the size and type of rental you’ve got, it can go up in just a matter of hours. It makes getting a new building up and running a lot easier, and you won’t have to go long without the extra space

It’s always helpful when you’re in a bind and need that space quickly. A lot of warehouses have found themselves having to store items for longer than they thought they’d need to, and that meant they needed extra storage space. They created that with a tent rental, adding that extra space during supply line issues. Once issues cleared up for them, they were able to take the tents down and carry on as normal. 

2. Use The Space As Needed

There may be many reasons why you need a heated tend rental on your property. As shown above, you could have supply issues and need extra storage space. If you’re a school or college, you could need more space for teaching. You may even need extra space for general office work, especially if your regular building is under construction. 

Whatever you need the tent for, you can make it work for you. As they’re heated, it’s very easy to make them comfortable for everyday use. You can just set them up as you need to, and you’ll be good to go. 

3. Get The Size You Need

There are certainly a lot of options available to you if you’re looking to create a temporary building on your property. There are some things you need to consider when you’re thinking about which one to hire. What size do you need, for example?

Many options, such as temporary office spaces, will come in pre-set sizes. You’ll have to work around these sizes, and that’s not ideal when you have your own needs. Every business is different, and you need a building that works for you. A temporary tent can be hired in the size and shape that you need, so you don’t have to compromise. 

Also, you’ll be able to make the most of the space you do have with a tent. If you have a large empty space of the property, you can get a tent that fills it. You’ll get the maximum space usage out of it, making it a good value. 

4. React To Unexpected Events

You’ll have seen lots of businesses turning to tents during the pandemic. They’ve helped them do everything, from creating vaccine centers to allowing grocery stores to do click and pick up services. There was a sudden shift in how they were going to do business, and they used the tents to make these changes as needed. 

If your business ever has to react to an unexpected event, you can use a heated tent rental to do so. During the pandemic, for example, tents were created to allow for social distancing at work, keeping everyone safe as they went about their jobs. 

5. Move Your Tent With You

Another benefit of a tent rental is that they’re highly portable. You can deconstruct the tent, and move it to your next location, wherever that may be. Once there, it just needs to be erected again and you’re ready to use it. It’s a simpler process than moving other temporary buildings. 

That’s why you’ll see a lot of construction companies using them in their work. They can use them to store supplies or create break rooms where their latest job is. Once they’ve completed the work, they’ll be able to break the tent down and simply move it to wherever they’ll be working next. 

6. Save Money On Your Storage Or Building Needs

Obviously, you’re not going to build a whole new building if you only need it on a temporary basis. As such, you’ll want to find a method that gives you what you need, without breaking the bank. Many businesses have found that they can get that with a tent. 

This is especially true when it comes to storage. Rather than hiring an external warehouse, you can use the space you already have to put up a tent. This saves a lot of cash, as you won’t be paying for the rent on the warehouse. You also won’t be paying for transport to and from the warehouse whenever you need to access those goods. 

7. Get All The Features You Need

Another great benefit of tent rentals is that they’re so customizable. Above the size of the tent was mentioned, and it’s true that you can get any size that you need. That allows you to fit the building to the use you have for it, rather than the other way around. 

As well as this, you’ll be able to add in other features. What you add will depend on your needs. If you’re using it to store vehicles, for example, you can add in garage size doors, to allow you to drive them in and out. If you want to use it as office space, you can add heating, exit signs, fire extinguishers, and more. 

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to look into using a heated rental tent as a temporary building on your property. They can be anything from a warehouse to a classroom, and anything in between. Start looking into rentals now if you need that extra space. 

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Your Business Needs Semi-Permanent Tent Structures. Here’s Why

No matter what business you run, no matter the industry you work in, you can get a lot of benefits out of semi-permanent tent structures. They have been a popular solution to all kinds of problems that businesses have been having, especially over the last few years. What is it that makes them so invaluable? Here are just a few reasons why you need them in your business.

Tents Help You Expect The Unexpected

No business was expecting the pandemic in 2020, with all the upheaval that it brought. Staff shortages, safety requirements, and stock shortages were all things that every business had to, and still has to, contend with. As such, when everything got turned upside down, businesses needed to find a way to work around these issues.

This is something that semi-permanent tent structures can help with. When you have access to these structures on your property, they can help handle the most unexpected problems. For example, in the case of the pandemic, these structures offered a lot more space. Staff was able to properly socially distance as they had more room, there was space to store stock that couldn’t be sent out, and more.

These buildings even offered some novel solutions. For example, lots of businesses used them for curbside pick-up stations, allowing them to keep the number of people in the building to a minimum. They also are in high demand for vaccination and testing centers. As you can see, a good temporary structure can help you cope with the most unexpected situation.

Can Be Used By Any Industry

No matter what industry you work in, you can get the full benefit from semi-permanent tent structures. That’s thanks to their versatility. You can easily turn them to any use, depending on what you need.

For example, warehouse tents are a great option to add additional storage space when needed, so they don’t have to rent extra space if they’re overstocked. Factories have used them to add extra manufacturing space, which works well during times of high demand.

You’ll also see other industries like construction, education, and agriculture heavily using them,, among others. As they can be turned to almost any use, it pays to have access to a temporary structure.

Use Semi-Permanent Tent Structures For Anything You Need

As you’ve seen so far, there are so many different ways that you can use semi-permanent tent structures for your business. Even under normal conditions, there may be times when you need them. Here’s just a few ways that they can be used.

Storage: Sometimes, you’re going to need extra storage. Factories may need it for overstock before they’re able to send the stock out to stores. Construction companies use them to store materials and vehicles overnight when they’re not there. Whatever you’re storing, you can keep it in a semi-permanent structure.

Extra working space: In a similar vein, sometimes you’re going to need temporary working space or break rooms. If your current building isn’t big enough to hold all the people that are working in your business, the tent structure can be used to create that space.

Outdoor cover: Sometimes, you need some outdoor cover in your business, and a temporary structure can offer that to you. Again looking at construction, you can create break rooms for construction workers to allow them cover from the weather. If you own a restaurant, semi-permanent tent structures allow you to create outdoor seating for your diners.

These are just a few different ways you can use a structure for your business. As they’re a blank slate, you can put them to use in any way that suits you and your needs.

High Quality Materials And Build

As soon as you hear ‘tent’, it’s easy to think that these buildings are going to be flimsy and less than ideal. These aren’t the tents you’d take on a hike, though. These truly are semi-permanent buildings that use tent coverings, making them hardier than you’d think.

The structures themselves are made out of high quality and high strength metals, which can stand up to some surprisingly strong winds. They’ll keep the whole structure standing, even when the wind is howling up a storm. The frame can also stand up to heavy snow, so a sudden snowstorm isn’t going to damage it.

What about waterproofing? You don’t want water leaking in, no matter what you’re using the tent for. You’ll see that the tenting material is again high quality and able to resist water. No water will be making its way in under your watch.

As the materials are of such good quality, you can be sure that you’ll be safe when you use a semi-permanent structure for your business.

Put Up A Semi-Permanent Tent Structures Quickly

When you need an extra structure, sometimes you’re not going to have a lot of notice. Because of this, you’ll need to find a way to get the extra structure you need without having to wait. Semi-permanent tent structures give you just what you’re looking for.

These can be put up very quickly, often in just a matter of hours. As such, if there’s ever an emergency, then you can get to work right away. The structure can get put up soon, so you can start using it as soon as possible.

This is also helpful if you’re always moving sites. Again, construction is a good example of this. If you’re changing to a new building site, you can take the structure down quite quickly too, and put it up at the new one as soon as possible. It makes them very easy to move, so you don’t have to worry if you’re not always in the same spot.

These are a few of the benefits of semi-permanent tent structures and why they’re perfect for every industry. No matter what your business does, you’ll want one of these structures on stand-by. Should you need one, you’ll be covered no matter what. Order yours today, so you know you have backup when you require it.

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Pole Tent vs. Frame Tent: Which Is Right For You?

Whether your business is expanding, or you have too much inventory, there are many reasons why you may need additional space. When this issue arises, you will have to compare a pole tent vs. frame tent; but which one is right for you?

Looking for just the right tent for your business needs? There are lots of options out there, including the classic pole tent and the modern frame tent. Which one is going to be right for you? It all very much depends on what you’re looking for from your tent.


Pole Tent vs. Frame Tent

When deciding which tent is best for you, it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between a pole tent vs. frame tent.

Pole tents are made up of a series of poles that run from the ground to the peak of the tent, with fabric stretched over them. Frame tents, on the other hand, have a frame that runs from the ground to the peak of the tent. Both pole tents and frame tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to consider your needs before making a decision.

Here’s how to pick the one that’s right for you.


Pole Tent – Advantages

Pole tents typically have a canopy style roof, with one central pole in the middle of it. They’re a simple style that’s very popular, as they offer a lot of benefits. These include:

1. Elegant style:

There’s no denying that a pole tent is elegant in design. It gives an amazing silhouette, making the tent stand out and look great in pictures. If you want a tent with a lot of style, a pole tent is what you’re looking for. Think of your next trade show, you want a tent that stands out and accurately portrays your branding.

2. Customizable design:

Because a pole tent is so simple, there’s lots of things you can do with it. That allows you to sent up the event tent in just the right way. For example, you can add side walls to the tent, enclosing it. That’s great if the weather is cold or rainy outside, so you can keep the weather out.

3. Easy to set up:

If you’re buying a pole tent rather than renting one, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s very easy to get them set up. When you get your tent, you’ll be sent detailed instructions along with it. That makes it very simple to get the tent up and running.


Pole Tent – Disadvantages

There will be some downsides to pole tents that you also need to consider, if you’re thinking of using them. These include:

1. Has to be staked down:

When using a pole tent, you have to mindful of where you’ll be using it. If you’re using grass, then you’ll be able to use it as the tent has to be staked down. If you’ll be using a different area for the event, such as an asphalted area, then the pole tent won’t be right for you.

2. Poles can obstruct views:

As there’s at least one interior pole, you’ll have to consider this when picking your tent. Will it obstruct views, or make it harder to plan out the floor plan when you have those poles? If they’ll be a problem, then a frame tent will be better.


Frame Tent – Advantages

On the other hand, you have the option of using frame tents. As the name suggests, these differ from pole tents as they have a full frame that holds the structure up. They have a lot of benefits that may be useful to you, so consider the following:

1. More usable interior space:

As there’s no pole inside the tent, there’s more usable space inside. That’s good news for you if you’re planning out the interior, as you won’t have to work around any obstacles.

2. Place the tent anywhere:

You also have more freedom when it comes to where you place the tent. Unlike a pole tent, a frame tent can either be staked or weighted down. Because of this, you can decide to put the tent wherever you want it. That can be on grass, in a parking lot, even on the deck by a pool.

3. Good for long term use:

The design of frame tents means that they’re perfect for long term use. There are lots of different ways they could be used in this way, for example, for temporary storage. They don’t have to come down after a short period as the strong frame holds the whole structure up easily.

4. Customizable:

Just like pole tents, a frame tent can be customized to suit your needs. That doesn’t just mean adding aesthetic items, either. You can hire full AC systems to keep it just the right temperature, no matter the time of year.

5. Modular design:

Many frame tents right now have a modular design, which is good news for you. With modular tents, you can fit them together in configurations that make the most sense for you. This will make the tents even more customizable overall.


Frame Tents – Disadvantages

Frame tents are a great option for many people, but there will be times that they won’t be right for you. Consider the following:

1. More parts to put together:

If you’re buying a frame tent, you’ll need to be confident that you can fit the whole tent together when you need it. There are more parts than a pole tent, so the set up will be more complicated. If you rent the tent, a team of professionals will install the tent.

2. Possible transport issues:

As you’re moving more components around, it may be harder to move them safely. Some have found it harder to transport everything without damage in the back of a truck or other vehicle. Of course, if you’re keeping the tent on site though, then this shouldn’t be a problem. L2 Structures assists with all transportation and logistics of tents.


Final Thought

When looking at a pole tent vs. frame tent, you can see they both advantages and disadvantages. They’re both good tent styles, you just need to pick the one that works for you. You’ll need to weigh them both up, and decide which one is right for the event in question. Talk to your tent supplier, and they’ll be able to let you know which style you should use.