Using Portable Carports For Your Business During Uncertainty

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have been finding the need for more outdoor space. How can portable carports be the solution? 

Over the last couple of years, COVID has really changed the ways many different industries have had to operate. Many industries have found themselves suddenly without the space they need to stay safe, and ensure that they can still operate as normal.

In many businesses, portable carports have become one of the best ways to adapt to times of uncertainty. Here’s how you can use them to adapt to COVID restrictions as they change over time, and keep both staff and customers safe.


What Are Portable Carports?

What are portable carports? It’s just as the name implies. It’s a type of portable structure that’s designed to accommodate cars, either to be parked in or driven through. As they’re temporary, they can be set up wherever you need them in the short or long term.

There are lots of businesses using them right now, as they have become quickly popular for drive through services. These are something that will be sticking around for a while, so it’s something that you’ll want to look into.


How Portable Carports Can Be Used

A portable carport has all kinds of uses, depending on your industry. Here are some ways they’re highly useful during COVID:

1. Testing and vaccines:

These are two things that are vital during COVID. People need to be able to get tested and get their vaccines safely. If you do it indoors, the risk of spreading the virus is higher, even if you’re keeping windows open for ventilation.

That’s why many hospitals are opting to do drive thru tests and vaccinations. Drive-thru COVID testing and vaccination tents allow them to keep everything outdoors, and makes things simple on both sides. People can get tested without even having to get out of their car, and it frees up space indoors and makes it safer, too.

2. Patient intake:

This is another way hospitals can use portable carports right now. When bringing in patients to the hospital, they need to be registered and triaged. That will result in lots of people coming in who potentially are carrying COVID, and are therefore a risk.

Having COVID medical tent with drive thru registration helps eliminate that risk. You can register patients as they come in, and even test them at this point to if needed. It helps keep potential COVID cases out of the hospital, keeping everyone safe.

3. Prescription pick up:

Pharmacies have also had to be careful during COVID, limiting who can come inside as to stop the spread of COVID. Portable carports have allowed them to stay safe, by bringing repeat prescriptions out to customers in their cars.

This allows them to keep everyone safe and limit their numbers indoors. The carport can be placed wherever it’s needed too, making things easier for everyone who comes by the pharmacy.

4. Grocery pick up:

This is something that has become very popular at grocery stores recently, as they have aimed to keep numbers down in store for social distancing. They allow their customers to buy groceries online, which are then bagged up and brought out to them by staff.

By using a portable car port for this, you’ll have a clearly designated pick up zone. It also helps keep staff out of the elements when they’re working there, while allowing for good air flow.

5. Curbside food pickup:

In a similar vein, restaurants have been using portable carports for their pick up options. Rather than have customers come in store for their food, they bring it out to them.

Again, the carport tent shows drivers where to go for their pick up, and allows them to get food without having to go inside. Restaurant tents have been incredibly useful, allowing restaurants to stay open even when they couldn’t have in store diners.

The Benefits Of Portable Carports

These were just a few ways that portable carports can be used to help businesses in uncertain times. There’s lots of benefits to using them too, including the following

1. Affordable to hire or buy:

When looking into getting a portable car port, you’ll soon see that they’re highly affordable. Most choose to rent them, as they’re something that they’ll only be using until its safe enough to go back to normal. Even if you choose to buy your carport, you’ll see it’s more affordable than you thought.

This means you can take advantage of a carport, no matter how small your business is. It’s a small outlay in order to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

2. Place anywhere they’re needed:

As these carports are portable, they can be placed almost anywhere you need them to be. That gives you a lot of flexibility over how you use them, and you can move them around as needed.

3. Highly durable structures:

As these are temporary structures, it’s easy to think that they won’t stand up to much and are maybe not as durable as you’d think. However, nothing could be further from the truth. These structures are capable of taking on high winds and heavy rain, without developing leaks or taking on damage. They can be set up for months without any problems at all.

4. Different styles available:

When looking into portable carports, you’ll find plenty of different options available to you. As there are so many, you’ll easily find enough to suit your needs. You’ll be able to get ready built options that have the number of carports you need, so you can fit them on your property.

As they’re a modular design, you’ll also be able to add them together if needed. That helps you customize what you get, and get a structure that suits your needs perfectly. You’ll never need to compromise on a portable carport in this way.

As you’ve seen here, portable carports are already being used by different industries during these uncertain times. You can make use of them too while COVID continues, and keep your staff and customers safe. Take advantage of them now, and make some small changes to create a safe working atmosphere.