Products & Tent Accessories

Whether you’re renting a tent for construction storage or to host your next big corporate event, L2 has the products and tent accessories you need.

L2 is proud to offer high-quality, climate-controlled tents to companies and organizations across North America.

We own a vast inventory of lights, flooring, HVAC equipment, generators, crowd-control barriers, garage doors, glass walls, and more. We are confident we have a tent that will satisfy your specific needs – whether it be for all-weather construction storage, a temporary warehouse or a tent for corporate retreats or events. The tent professionals at L2 always have your best interests in mind. Our tent experts can provide you with a quality tent in just a few days while meeting your schedule and budget.

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Selection Of Tents

L2 offers a full selection of tent structures to choose from, including:

Custom Flooring & Staging

Professional flooring from L2 helps your outdoor structure feel more complete, especially if it’s used for a corporate event, employee break room, or outdoor classroom. Contact L2 for flooring options to fit your specific needs. Our flooring types include:


Utilizing standard plywood is a great solution for industrial and construction needs. This starts as a series of 4”x6” pressure treated runners that are placed down to elevate the plywood preventing any water buildup and allowing for a level surface. The plywood is then attached to the runners for a well-integrated flooring solution for pedestrian traffic. If you are looking to utilize machinery on this option, runners and boards can be optimized for forklift access or tractor trailer loading.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is another great option for your outdoor event or storage needs. Artificial turf is durable enough to provide a long-term flooring solution and provides a clean look to your area. Turf is also a safe alternative and can prevent trips and falls. L2 offers the most realistic turf in the industry.


Vinyl flooring options are available for a very refined hardwood look. This is a great solution for office space or other pedestrian traffic. Using the correct adhesives and proper methods is essential to ensure that the aesthetic is free of wrinkles, bubbles or bumps. Vinyl flooring allows seamless transitions across flooring sections and offers different flooring options for unique portions of the structure.

Glass Walls & Glass Doors

If you want your event to really pop, consider adding glass walls and doors. Glass adds a professional and permanent look to your structure. Glass instantly makes your event more elegant and also protects guests from inclement weather, such as high winds and rain. Glass walls and doors allow for plenty of natural light and spectacular views.

Overhead LED Lighting

No matter the reason you’re renting a tent structure, you’ll need custom lighting from L2, especially if you’re hosting a nighttime event or if your structure serves as a temporary warehouse or medical facility.

HVAC Solution

L2 understands the importance of keeping your employees, guests and customers comfortable year-round. That’s why our climate-controlled tents come with an HVAC solution to keep everyone cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Air Conditioned Tent With HVAC - L2 Structures


L2 provides generators so you can power up any electrical equipment you need, such as TVs, radios, or computers.

Emergency/Exit Package

For short- or long-term tent rentals, ask L2 about emergency exit signs to keep everyone safe in the case of an emergency.


L2 can use ballsting units to anchor clear span structures to ensure they stay exactly where they’re supposed to be. We’ll calculate the required amount of ballasting needed.

Crowd Control Barriers

Keep your guests safe with a crowd control barrier from L2. Whether your event is big or small, the tent experts at L2 have a product that will meet and exceed your crowd control needs. Our crowd control barriers can. As you can see, a barricale from L2 has a wide variety of uses and can be used for almost any on-site application. Our barricades are extremely lightweight, yet durable, to be used as the perfect solution for crowd control.

Flexible Inventory

We offer tents from 2,500 SF to 100,000 SF depending on the project needs

Record of Safety

Our experienced tent installation teams are safety-trained and certified

Rapid Installation

We can install an average of 5,000 to 10,000 SF of tents per day

Durable Engineering

Our structures are designed to withstand Class C Wind Exposure (88 to 115 mph 3 second wind gusts)


We install over 2 million SF of clear span tents across the U.S. each year

Availability of Amenities

We offer flooring, doors, garage doors, lighting, tables, chairs, and more


See how the multiple ways our temporary structures
are perfect for any use.

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