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What Type Of Temporary Warehouse Space Is Best For You?

Temporary warehouse space is essential for a wide variety of industries – but what type of space is best for you? 

Temporary warehouse tents are one of the best ways to store extra goods as and when you need to. When demand is high and you need to have that extra stock on site, they’re just what you need for storage. There’s lots of options for you in temporary warehouse space, so here’s your guide on which type of warehouse is best for you.


Uses For A Temporary Warehouse Tent

Why may you need a temporary warehouse tent for your business? There are lots of reasons why you may want to look into them. Here’s a few that you may want to consider.

1. Construction Storage:

If you’re having construction work done on your building, then you’re going to need storage for all the equipment and materials that are being used. Using a temporary warehouse means you don’t have to worry about items going missing or getting damaged in bad weather.

2. Excess Inventory Storage:

If you currently have an excess of inventory, then you need space to store it all. You won’t have it forever though, as eventually it will all be sold off. A temporary warehouse can hold everything, ensuring that it’s kept safe until it’s ready to be sold on.

3. Surge Manufacturing Capacity:

In some cases, you’ll have a surge in demand and so will need to increase production. Finished products will need to be stored temporarily, and that’s where temporary warehouse space will come in useful.

4. Business Renovation Space:

If you’re having your premises renovated, you’ll still need space to work and store items. Temporary warehouse space gives you the space you need while you’re waiting on those renovations to happen.

These are just a few reasons why you may want to look into temporary warehouses. They have lots more uses too, so they may be just what you’re looking for.


What Temporary Warehouse Space Is Right For You?

Once you’ve decided to rent a temporary warehouse, you’ll need to decide on which type of structure you want. There are several different types you can choose from, and they all give you different benefits. Here are some types that you can choose from:

1. Clear Span:

This is a very popular choice with businesses, as they allow for a lot of flexibility. They can be rented in different sizes, and same are even modular. That allows you to put together a warehouse that has just the right amount of space that you need.

As the name implies, clear span tents have an open space underneath with no poles holding them up. Instead, they are supported by an aluminum frame. That gives you a lot more space to work with, underneath that roof.

2. Century Tents:

These warehouses are designed with high peak tent structure, with poles underneath creating dramatic roof lines. They’re a style that are both practical and visually appealing.

These are a good option for those who need warehouse space at events. It gives you the covered space you need, while giving off a futuristic and appealing look for your business.

3. Pole Tents:

These are a more basic form of the century tent, giving you a covered space that’s supported by poles. These work well if you need a smaller space to be covered for use.

4. Warehouse Tents:

As the name implies, these tents are designed to mimic a solid warehouse building, while still being a temporary construction. They have walls on the sides providing full protection from the elements. On top of this, they also have a clear span design to give you the maximum amount of space.

These are always a good option if you’re looking to use that space for a longer period of time, as they can be set up for safe storage with accessories.

Again, these are just a few options available to you. You can talk to your warehouse space supplier, to see what’s available to you.


Additional Options For Your Warehouse Space

As mentioned above, there are additional tent accessories you can hire along with your temporary warehouse. Every business and event will need different things, so you should check out what’s available to you. There may be some extras that will be essential to you.

HVAC Systems:

In most modern tent structures, there is the option to use HVAC systems in them. These use a separate unit which sits outside of the tent structure, and heated or cooled air is pumped in via a connected hose system.

This is a must have for many businesses using temporary warehouses. In many cases, they’ll need the warehouse to be climate controlled, in order to protect the goods being housed there. If they have staff working in the warehouse, it needs climate control to make it comfortable to work in, too.


There are some warehouse structures that will come with walls as standard, while others will use them as an optional add on. For example, Century tents can be used with and without walls.

It’s a good idea to use optional walls, as they’re ideal for keeping the elements out of the warehouse. If you’re facing down wet or winy weather, you can attach the walls to protect the space within.

Overhead Lighting:

You’ll need some lighting for your warehouse, especially if its on the larger side, or you’ll be using it for a longer period of time. Custom lighting can be attached to the roof of the warehouse, so you can get around easily.


You can finish off your temporary warehouse with custom flooring. There are plenty of different options, so you can get something that works for you. For example, artificial turf can be used, as well as vinyl or plywood floors.

When it comes to temporary warehouse space, you’ve got more options than you realized. Every business is different, and you need that warehouse for different things. Because of this, you can custom order a tent that will give you everything you’re looking for. Get in touch with your local warehouse rental company, and see what they can offer you.


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