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The Rise Of Modular Storage

Modular storage has become more and more popular the past two years for a variety of industries; here’s why.

As a business owner, you will have seen a clear rise in the use of clear span modular storage. It’s become very popular within several different industries, and many business owners are enjoying the advantages they provide. Why is it that they’ve become the no. 1 option for storage? Let’s take a look.   

Modular Storage Buildings And COVID-19  

The biggest reason why modular storage buildings have become so popular will be thanks to COVID-19. As the pandemic drastically changed how we do business, business owners had to find different ways of delivering their services and keeping their staff safe.   

These modular storage buildings have been highly useful for several reasons during this time. Firstly, it helped businesses properly socially distance themselves. A temporary structure could be set up to be anything, from an office to a warehouse. As they can be bigger, staff can be spaced out more to keep them safe. 

They have also lent themselves to drive-thru services. These include grocery pickup, takeout pickup, and so on. As companies could offer these services, they could reduce the number of customers in their building at any one time, making it much more COVID-19 compliant. As well as this, it allowed businesses to stay open even when lockdown procedures were in place.  

Finally, temporary buildings have been highly useful when it came to drive thru tents for testing and vaccination. They could be set up to create testing and vaccination centers, so many people could be handled at once.  

They’ve offered a lot of benefits to businesses during this time, and we won’t see them go away any time soon.  

Benefit #1: Speedy Construction 

If you need extra storage space for your business, then you’re likely to need it quickly. That’s why many businesses are going with modular storage buildings, as they’re one of the quickest ways to get storage on your site. They’re simple to put together, and once they’re in place they’re ready to use right away.  

With a modular storage building, you can take advantage of the extra space quickly. It’s the best option for those that need that space soon, to handle extra production demand. Again, it has been helpful during the pandemic as businesses had stock they weren’t able to send out, so they were able to store it in these buildings until it could be shipped.  

Benefit #2: Get The Right Size For Your Business 

Every business has a different amount of space they can use for a temporary structure. You can get pre-built structures for storage, but they won’t help you get the very most out of the space you have. Plus, they may not offer enough interior space for your needs.  

That’s why modular buildings are becoming more popular. As the name implies, being modular, you can fit them together to get the size and shape you’re looking for. That gives you so much more flexibility when it comes to creating storage.  

Plus, as they’re clear span structures, there are no poles or other obstructions inside the building. That allows you to use the space as needed, without being hindered by the layout.  

As these buildings are modular, they offer a lot more flexibility to you as the business owner. It’s something that will help you get the most out of your modular building purchase or rental 

Benefit #3: Move The Building Quickly 

In some cases, you’ll want to keep the temporary building in the first location you place it in until you don’t need it anymore. However, in some industries, you’ll need to move the structure around. Take construction tents, for instance. Your team won’t be working on the same site forever, and they will still need storage for materials wherever they go. That’s where a modular structure can come in useful.  

Most temporary structures are held down with anchors that are drilled into the ground. That makes them sturdy, but it’s easier than you’d think to remove the anchors and move the structure. Again, as they’re quick to assemble, you can take it down, move it to a new site, and have it back up again in a matter of days, at the most.  

Benefit #4: Withstand Inclement Weather  

Some business owners may not get a modular storage structure right away, as they’re worried about its stability. That’s something you do have to think about, especially if your business location is prone to inclement weather. After all, you don’t want to store valuable items in a building that’s going to leak or shift over time.  

Modern modular structures are much more robust than you’d think. They can withstand high winds, rain, snow, and more. They’re also designed to be leakproof, and all metal parts will be treated to prevent rusting. As such, they are perfect for any business, no matter where they’re located.   

Add All The Accessories You Need 

When you get a modular building, you’ll want to be able to use it in the same way as any regular building. They’ve become popular with businesses because they can be set up in any way you choose. Of course, they’re perfect for storage, whether that’s for stock, materials, or even vehicles. If you want to use them as garages, then you can add vehicle doors to them to allow you to drive in.  

If you want to use them as offices or workspaces, then you can easily add all the features you’ll need, such as lighting, exit signs, and so on. Add in the furniture, and you’ll have everything you need.  

Of course, you’ll want to keep the buildings at an optimal temperature, especially if you work in a particularly hot or cold climate. Because of this, AC is a feature that you can easily add to your modular structure.  

There are all kinds of reasons why modular storage has been seeing a rise in popularity recently. COVID-19 changed up the way we work, and that’s had an effect on the use of these buildings. They’ve offered a lot of other advantages too, and that’s why more and more businesses are taking advantage of what they have to offer you.  

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