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Temporary Structures: The Best Option For Portable Warehouse Storage

Many industries have seen an increase in the need for portable warehouse storage, but what is the best way option for this? Temporary structures.

Is the current warehouse space you have not enough for your needs? Whether you need temporary warehouse storage space until supply lines improve, or you need it for seasonal storage, a temporary structure is just what you’re looking for. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want one on your site.  


Save On Off-Site Storage 

When you suddenly need more warehousing space, the easiest solution can seem to be off-site storage. You rent a space for a certain amount of time, and you’ll have somewhere to keep that stock until you can sell it. It makes sense in theory, but in practice, it can be more difficult than you’d realize to deal with.  

Having that storage space off-site means that you’ll have to keep going backward and forwards to it whenever you need to access it. That eats up a lot of time, making it less than productive. Also, the costs of renting can seriously eat into your profits.  

As such, many businesses have made the switch to temporary structures. They can be erected directly on your property, wherever you need them most. As such, you’ll never have to go far to get what you need. You’ll also save a lot of money on rental costs, making it much easier for you.


Quick And Easy Construction 

Another reason businesses are using temporary structures for portable warehouse storage is because they’re a lot quicker to implement than other storage solutions out there. As they use a tent-style setup, they don’t need long at all to get up and ready. That allows you to get the structure up whenever you need it, within hours in most cases. If you’ve been hit with an unforeseen setback, such as the current supply line issues, then you’ll be able to get a Plan B up and running quickly.   

Because of this, it’s also very easy to move the structure around when needed. For example, if you’re in construction and are moving onto a new site, it’s not a problem to bring the warehouse with you. Just dismantle, bring with you to the new site, and set back up again. It’s as easy as that.


Create A Custom Built Solution For Your Needs 

There are a lot of different storage structures out there that you can use, but one of the main drawbacks is their inflexibility. You can only fit so much into a temporary office or conex container, and that may not work for your needs. This is one of the biggest reasons why companies are making the switch to temporary portable warehouse structures.

When you get a temporary structure, you’ll be able to put one together that suits your needs perfectly. That includes the size, shape, and style of the building. This makes things a lot easier on you as a business, as you can create a building that uses the space on your property to its full potential. With no wasted space, you have more space for warehousing than ever before.  


Portable Warehouse Structures Are Semi-Permanent Use Buildings 

With a name like ‘temporary’ or ‘portable’ warehouse structures, it’s easy to imagine that these structures aren’t designed for use for very long. In fact, they’re actually capable of lasting for years in place, making them almost the same as any permanent warehouse. This is thanks to their sturdy construction, designed to keep them up and running no matter what the weather throws at them.  

The fabric used will ensure that no water makes it’s way through, something that’s important when you’re storing goods in the structure itself. The framing can withstand high winds and even take on the weight of snow, so no matter what the weather is like outside, everything you keep inside will be safe and sound. That’s still true no matter how long you have the structure up for, too. As such, you can use a temporary structure as a warehouse for as long as you need to. 


Temporary Structures Can Be Used For Almost Anything 

While we’ve been focusing on using these structures for warehousing, you can use them for whatever you need while on site. Sometimes you need that extra space, and so a temporary structure will give you that. For example, you can use them for any of the following: 

1. Extra Office Space

If you need to bring on extra staff temporarily, you don’t need to have them at a different site. You can set up modular office space for them to work in, for as long as they’re needed. A structure can be set up with AC, lighting, and everything else you need for them to work in.  

2. Break Areas

Break room tents are another great use for temporary structures. Again, you’ll see this being put to use in construction. Workers will have to work in adverse weather conditions, but once it’s time for their break they can get in out of the cold or rain, and relax. It can be set up with all the right furniture and infrastructure too, so you’re ready to go. If the company owns the structure, they can also move it to a new site once they finish work on the old one, too, making it a useful tool to have.  

3. Curbside Collection

This is a use for temporary structures that have popped up thanks to the pandemic, and it proved to be very popular since. It offers companies the chance to stay open, bringing goods to the customer’s car rather than them coming inside. It was very helpful when there were restrictions on where customers could go, and grocery stores and restaurants got a lot of use out of them.


Final Thought

Overall, temporary structures are one of the most versatile and useful ways of adding extra portable warehouse space when you need it most. They go up quickly, will be ready right away, and can take anything the weather throws at them. As such, you’ll be able to add extra storage space easily and at a lower cost. If you don’t already have one, now’s the time to try them for yourself.

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