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Using a Temporary Hospital Tent to Battle COVID-19

The entire world has had to adapt due to COVID-19, and hospitals have been hit especially hard. As the pandemic continues throughout the United States, be prepared and flexible with a temporary hospital tent.

With COVID-19 still a serious concern, hospitals are finding they’re dealing with more and more patients. As such, they don’t have the indoor space to keep them all for treatment. If this is something your hospital is battling with, then temporary hospital tent structures can give you just what you need – more space.


Create The Hospital Space You Need

As you’re seeing a rise in patients, you’re going to need the space to treat them all. There’s only so much space you have within the hospital walls, and as such that’s going to limit how many patients you can treat. This obviously isn’t ideal, as you need to find a way to meet the needs of your community.

Plus, there’s the issue of social distancing. This is still one of the most effective ways of limiting the spread of COVID-19, but if you don’t have the space indoors, then you just can’t do it. That puts both your staff and your patients at risk.

That’s why many hospitals are using temporary tents to maximize the space available during this time. Medical tents create testing and treatment areas, and allow for more room to keep everyone safe.

Temporary Hospital Tent Structures - L2 Structures

How To Use A Temporary Hospital Tent At Your Facility

How could you use a temporary structure at your hospital during this time? Every facility’s needs are different, so a temporary hospital tent structure is best as they’re so versatile. Here are just some of the things you could use it for.

Drive through testing:

This is something that’s still in high demand, but luckily you can get tents and structures that are designed for just this. Structures with drive through bays allow staff to work outdoors with cover, testing those who drive through. The open sides allow air flow, so there’s less risk of car fumes and the virus being trapped inside.

These tents can also be used for vaccination, as the principle is the same. If you’re running a large scale vaccination program at your hospital, then these tents are just what you need.

Patient intake:

This is one area where your hospital is most likely struggling. With more patients coming in with COVID-19 symptoms, it’s hard to accommodate them all through your ER. You can use a temporary structure to help with patient intake, as it gives you the ability to create waiting areas, patient treatment bays, and more as needed.

A temporary hospital tent also allows you to separate patients with possible COVID-19 symptoms from patients with different injuries and illnesses in your hospital. It’s something that will help limit the spread, and allow you to keep them as safe as possible.

Pick up locations:

You may have already seem temporary structures being used for pick up at places like grocery stores and food locations. You can also take advantage of them by using them at your hospital. They’re an excellent option for those who are looking to socially distance, as they can drive by and pick up what they need, rather than going into the building.

Again, you can use pre built car bay structures for this. Whether that’s picking up patients who have been discharged, or picking up prescriptions from your pharmacy, this can benefit both you and your visitors. This  allows you to limit how many people come into your hospital, limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Staff areas:

As you’re dealing with an influx of patients, you will also have to handle more staff to meet those needs. Those staff need areas to work and take breaks in, and the ones you have in your hospital aren’t going to be large enough to allow for social distancing, especially with those increased numbers.

You can deploy temporary hospital tent structures in order to give your staff the space they need. They can be used for almost anything you need, such as office space or break rooms. Create more rooms with these structures, and your staff have the space they need to work safely.


Finally, one thing you may need right now is extra storage. That could be storage for medical equipment, or for medicines that you’re bringing in to treat patients. If you’re running out of space to store them, a temporary structure will be the solution.

These are designed to be as large or as small as you need, so you can get whatever size you need. They’re also easily climate controlled, so you can store items like medications in there safely. If you need that space, a temporary hospital tent has you covered.


The Benefits Of A Temporary Hospital Tent

As you can see, there are all kinds of reasons why you need to look into a temporary structure for your hospital. They give you all the benefits of a permanent building while still being temporary. Here are some benefits you should be aware of:

Quick to put up:

A temporary structure can be erected quickly, which is something you want when you’re dealing with a sudden influx of patients.

Customizable sizing:

You can rent a standard tent style, such as the drive through bays if they work for you. You can also custom order the tent you need to fit your needs.

Fully climate controlled:

A temporary hospital tent can be ordered with climate control capabilities. This helps make them more comfortable for those using them, and helps with storing essential equipment.

Highly durable:

These aren’t flimsy tents that you’re using at your hospital. A temporary structure can withstand 60mph winds, and are waterproof. That keeps you and everything you’re using safe inside.

All equipment provided:

When you order a structure, you’ll also get equipment like flooring, LED lighting, fire extinguishers, and more.

There’s so many reasons why hospitals are using temporary structures right now. It will help you manage your patients’ needs, while keeping everyone safe. They’re an excellent investment right now into managing COVID-19, so it’s time to order a structure for your hospital.

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