Why Modular Office Space Is So Important For The Construction Industry

Modular office space is extremely valuable for construction sites and the industry as a whole; here’s why.

There’s plenty of things you need as a construction company when you’re out on the site. You’ll need experienced staff, well-maintained equipment, and so on. What you may not have realized you needed was modular office space.

It’s not the first thing you think of when putting together a list of essentials, but you’d be amazed at how essential modular office space is. Here’s why you need to look into getting modular office space that you can take on-site.

Modular Office Space Is Flexible

One of the best things about using modular construction tents is that they’re so flexible. You can use them for almost anything you can think of. For example, if you need some staff room space for your workers to take breaks in, then you can use this space as a modular break room structure. You can also use these spaces to hold meetings, something essential when you’re working on a project and want to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

Whatever you need, you can create the space with modular buildings. They’re a blank canvas, so you can arrange and use them however you want.

Sizes And Shapes To Suit You

Every construction site is different. You’re going to have differing amounts of space for your admin team, and you need to ensure you’re making the most of what you have. That’s why you should look into modular buildings. These have the edge over other temporary buildings, as you can dictate the size and shape.

When booking your modular structure, you’ll need to give the measurements of the site that you’ll use. With that, the team can recommend the right structure and set it up for you. This allows you to customize the space as needed, putting in the right equipment and allowing for enough room for everyone who will use it.

Pick Out Ready Made Options

While the joy of modular buildings is that you can customize them as needed, you’ll see that there’s a lot of options when it comes to what you can have. There are a good range of ready made choices that can be delivered to you, ready to be used. This saves some time and is often just what you’re looking for.

For example, some office trailers will come in various sizes and shapes, so you can get something that suits you directly. Take a look at what’s available to you, as there are most likely some options that you can use ‘out of the box.’

Be More Efficient On Site

While the construction team will be working on the project, you’ll need the admin team to be behind them, handling the paperwork and other day-to-day tasks. Usually, construction companies will keep them at a separate office while the construction team goes out. It works to a certain degree, but often the construction site will be miles away from where your base is. That leads to long travel times and general inefficiency.

That’s why more and more companies are choosing to use modular office space to solve this issue. With a building that can be moved anywhere, they can set up their office in the same location as their current project. That helps improve communication and efficiency, as all staff will be on the same site.

Improving Safety During COVID 

Right now, working space is a hot topic. COVID is still a going concern, so you must try and keep your staff as safe as possible. One of the best and most efficient ways of doing this is to help enable social distancing in the workplace. With this, you can keep staff far enough apart that they can work safely without worrying about spreading the virus.

How can you do that in regular building spaces, though? You only have a limited amount of indoor space, and you still need to accommodate all of your staff. That’s where a modular building will come in. With these, you can create a larger working space for all of your admin staff. That allows you to spread workstations out and make a much safer working environment overall. Staff will feel safer being at work, and you’ll help reduce the risk of the virus being spread, keeping staff safe and reducing any absences due to potential exposure.

Provide Shelter From The Elements

On a construction site, you are at the mercy of the elements as you work. There’s only so much you can do when working on the site itself, but the admin staff doesn’t need to be out in the rain to do their job. Using modular office space lets you keep them out of the elements and comfortable, no matter where they’re working.

Obviously, the buildings will keep the rain off their head, but you’ll also see that you can get buildings with options for heating and cooling. This is so important when you’re working in either hotter or colder climes. Just because the building is temporary, it doesn’t mean that your staff needs to brave the weather. With a good AC system, they can work comfortably.

Get The Building Constructed Quickly

There are other temporary buildings that come pre-constructed, and so as soon as they come onto the site, you can start using them. That’s a good benefit, but the problem is they’re very rigid and inflexible. They’re a certain size, and that may not be the size you need. Plus, if you’re trying to handle social distancing, then they’re not going to be anywhere near big enough.

That’s where a modular office space can benefit you. You can have them made in any size you like, and when it arrives on-site, it can be constructed very quickly. Even the largest construction structures only need a matter of days to be fully built. With this, you can be sure that you can get the space you need quickly.

There are lots of reasons why you should look into modular office space for your admin staff. Start shopping around now to find just what they need.


8 Incredible Benefits Of Warehouse Storage Tents For Every Industry

Warehouse storage tents provide a multitude of uses for every industry. How can it benefit yours?

No matter what industry you work in, there’s going to be challenges when it comes to warehouse space. You need enough storage to hold your goods, but if you don’t have enough on site storage it’s going to cause problems. Warehouse storage tents are the answer in many cases, and help solve most problems that you have with warehousing. Here’s just some of the benefits you’ll get when you use them.

1. Eliminate The Cost Of Off Site Warehousing

If you don’t have enough space on site to hold your goods, then the first option you may go for is off site warehousing. It makes sense in theory, as you can rent all the space you need for as long as you need it. With this warehousing though, comes extra issues and challenges.

For example, you’ll have to spend extra time traveling to and from the warehouse, to be able to access what you have stored. You’ll also be limited in what you can rent, meaning that you may not be able to get the size and scope of warehouse that you need. The biggest issue is cost, as you’ll pay more in travel and rental when using off site storage.

Using a warehouse storage tent eliminates these problems, as you’ll have your storage on site with you. You can get the size of tent that you need, and the costs will be a lot lower overall. Plus, you won’t need to travel to the warehouse, as it’s right there.

2. Quick Installation

If you need a temporary warehouse tent, then you’re going to need it quickly. If you’re meeting unexpected high demand for example, then you need that warehouse to be up and running as soon as possible.

That’s why many companies are making the switch to warehouse storage tents. These are put up in a matter of hours, days at most if you have a warehouse that’s particularly large. Once it’s up, its ready to be used. That makes things easier for you, as you’ll be able to start warehousing items right away.

3. Custom Building Sizes To Suit Your Needs

You can use all kinds of temporary buildings if you need to get some temporary warehousing. There are temporary buildings you can have installed at your site, and they’re ready to use right away. However, you can’t customize the size of these buildings, and so they may not be quite what you’re looking for in terms of a warehouse.

This is where warehouse storage tents really shine. They’re a modular design, so you can create tents that make the most of the space you have for them. Because you can customize the size and shape, you’ll be able to get the exact amount of storage space that you need. There’s no need to make compromises here, so you’ll have something that’s highly useful and just right for your needs.

4. Highly Resistant Design

Some business owners will worry about warehousing in temporary tents. The idea of a tent sounds somewhat flimsy, especially as its a temporary building. While a warehouse storage tent is a tent in name, its as close to a permanent building as you can get.

All temporary tent structures are made with high quality materials, that ensure that your goods will be protected from the elements. Aluminum frames and tension fabric structures can withstand up to 100km/h winds, and can even bear heavy snow. Because of this there’s no fear of tents leaking or breaking while in use. That allows you to use them for long periods of time if needs be, without worry of anything being damaged.

5. Warehouse Storage Tents Give You All The Space You Need

Something else that’s highly useful about warehouse storage tents is that they have a clear span design. That means that they have an aluminum frame holding up the roof, rather than poles. That creates the ‘clear span’ under the roof, and ensures that you have the maximum amount of space.

This is something many industries find useful, as they won’t be having to navigate around poles when laying out their warehouse. As it’s a clear space, they can lay it out in the way that suits them best, without having to compromise.

6. Temperature Control Options

Many warehouses need to be climate controlled, in order to protect the goods that are being stored. If you can’t get everything into your on site warehouse, there’s no need to worry as you can use temporary warehousing that has climate control too.

When booking your tent, ask about air conditioning. You’ll be able to hire AC systems that come along with the tent, and keep the interior at the right temperature. That makes it safer to store your goods, as well as making it safer and more comfortable for staff to work in there.

7. Hire All Needed Accessories Along With Your Tent

It’s not just the warehouse storage tent you’ll get when you hire one for your site. You’ll also be able to hire all the equipment that you’ll need with it, too. That includes things like lighting, exit signs, AC as mentioned above, and more. You’ll have your choice of accessories, so you can get everything you need in one place.

8. Save Money On Storage

The biggest reason many businesses use temporary warehouse storage tents is because they help save money. There’s the savings on off site warehousing as mentioned above, but there’s many other savings to be had too. They cost less to use than other temporary structures, and they will allow you to keep operating at a larger capacity, which ensures you won’t lose cash as a company. In some cases, you can even get tax breaks for using them, so that’s something you’ll want to look into in your state.

There’s so many benefits to using warehouse storage tents for your business. Whatever you need warehousing for, look into booking a tent for your site today. It helps you save money and get extra space, which is something all companies need.