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Preparing For Supply Chain Obstacles In 2022 With Temporary Structures

Supply chain obstacles have been common throughout the past year, and unfortunately are expected to continue. Here’s how to prepare your business with temporary structures.

Over the last year, businesses have had to contend with unprecedented supply chain shortages. This has made getting goods into the hands of your customers has become more difficult, and you’ve had to make changes to the way you do business. Here’s how temporary structures can help you prepare for supply chain obstacles in 2022 and help you get ahead of the problem.


How Supply Chain Obstacles Are Affecting Businesses

The vast majority of businesses have seen supply chain obstacles of one sort or another over the past year. If you’ve had to tackle these issues before, you probably had to turn down or close orders, losing business and profit in the process.

The issues have hit businesses hard as many manufacturers use the ‘Just In Time’ business model. This has worked well in the past, as it meant that companies haven’t been left with surplus stock and less waste overall. During the era of COVID-19, though, this hasn’t left any room for error.

Thanks to the pandemic, if there’s a shortage of staff somewhere in the supply chain, then it leads to shortages elsewhere. As most manufacturers are using that Just In Time model, that leads to issues that can be devastating.

Because of this, businesses are looking at changing up the way they handle their supply. Some are pivoting away from this model, using the opportunity to start building up stock again to prepare for shortages. They’re also looking into alternate suppliers, so they have more options if there is a shortage in the future.

To accommodate for this, many businesses are turning to temporary structures. This allows them to get the space they need right away, so they do not have to struggle to store the extra stock that they do have right now. They’re a more affordable option, as warehouse rentals are becoming more and more expensive.


COVID And Productivity

Most supply chain obstacles are happening because workers are having to self isolate after being exposed to COVID. Because of this, there’s less staff, and shortages inevitably occur. While you can’t eliminate the risk of COVID, you can take steps to ensure that your staff is as safe as they can be while they’re working.

This is one of the main reasons temporary structures are being used right now. They help extend the workspace, allowing for more effective social distancing. You can have your full workforce on site with enough distance between everyone to ensure that everyone is safe and less likely to need to self-isolate.

The structures are also very helpful if you’re looking to create break areas too. Your current break areas may not allow you to keep these spaces safe, but if you use temporary structures, then you can create a more spread out room so everyone can take breaks safely.


Changing Your Supply Model Quickly

Another benefit of temporary structures is that you can change up your logistics and supply chain model on the fly. Building a new warehouse, or finding one to rent, is going to take time. You need to make changes now to be ahead of the supply chain obstacles that may be heading your way.

A temporary storage and warehouse tent can be up in a matter of hours, depending on how large it is. As soon as it’s up, it’s ready to be used, so you can start using it to store stock or expand your workspace as needed. It’s something you need to consider, as you want your business to be ready should any supply chain obstacles hit you. If you’re ahead of the curve, then the impact should be much less severe.


Be Ready For Supply Chain Fluctuations

At the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses saw demand for their goods fluctuate. Those that usually sold steadily saw a dramatic decrease in demand, as people were staying home and watching how they spent their cash. As such, they were left with unsold stock, which meant they had to liquidate it to stay afloat.

The problem was, then, there was an unexpected surge in demand, meaning that these businesses then struggled to meet demand with the little stock they had remaining. As such, these fluctuations made running a business a lot harder.

This is another reason why businesses are switching to a different model, as if they are keeping more stock in reserve, they’ll be able to meet those demands if there’s another surge. Having a temporary structure helps with this, as the stock can be stored easily. That allows you to keep it on-site, so you’re ready for anything.


A Temporary Structure Ready For Any Weather

With all these benefits, you’ll want to get a temporary structure so you can be ready for anything the supply chain can throw at you. However, as it’s temporary, you’ll be worried about whether your stock will be safe in it over extended periods of time.

The good news is, a temporary structure is harder than you’d think. They’re designed to take on wet weather, high winds, and even snow with ease. Reinforced framing and waterproof coverings mean that everything in the structure will be safe and sound, even over more extended periods of time. These structures can be used on a semi-permanent basis, so you can get them set up and use them for longer periods if necessary.


An Affordable Way To Prepare

Finally, it’s important to know that temporary structures are one of the most affordable ways to get ready for potential supply chain obstacles. As a business, it may not make sense for you to rent out a warehouse or look into more permanent storage options. A temporary building gives you a lot more flexibility and will be cheaper than long-term rentals.

Temporary buildings have been the go to option for many businesses during the pandemic in order to counter ongoing supply issues. You want to be ready for these if they happen to you. Now is the time to secure one for yourself and be ready for whatever the year gives you.

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