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How Your Business Can Benefit From ClearSpan Buildings

In recent years, all kinds of industries have been using clear span structures. From construction sites to universities, there are all kinds of ways they have been put to good use. Your own business will also be able to benefit from a clear span building, too. Here’s how you can use them and gain their benefits. 

What Is A Clear Span Building?

You’ll often hear clear span buildings is referred to as temporary buildings, tents, and more. To be a clear span structure, they need to be a turn-key fabric-covered frame, giving you tent shelter wherever you want it. 

Businesses have been using them for years for all kinds of uses. If you need a structure on your site on a temporary basis, a clean span structure will be what you’re looking for. 

How Can A Clear Span Structure Be Used?

So, what are businesses using clear span structures for? Essentially, they can use them for anything they want. Some common uses include:

  • Extra warehousing space
  • Temporary classrooms
  • Vehicle storage
  • Materials storage for construction sites
  • Break spaces

That’s just some of the common uses out there, though. If you need a sheltered space for any reason on your property, then a clear span structure literally has you covered. 

In the last couple of years, they have found new uses thanks to the pandemic. They’ve often been used as vaccination tents, drive-thru pick-up centers, and to add extra workspace to allow for social distancing. This shows you just how flexible they are, so you can use them for just about anything. 

Benefits Over Other Temporary Buildings

There are certainly other temporary building options out there for you. Conex boxes are a popular option, as well as off-site warehousing and other options. When you need a temporary space though, a clear span structure gives you a lot of benefits that they just can’t. 

A structure can be rented or bought in just the size or shape that you need. Conex boxes are a very rigid size and shape, and you’re likely to need a few of them if you have a lot that you need to warehouse. It also makes it more difficult to fit stock in, and get back out again. A structure can be ordered that’s the right size and shape for you, making it easy to store stock and access it. 

Off-site warehousing takes the need to store items off your hands, but it comes with its own drawbacks. You’re going to be paying for warehousing rental costs, as well as travel back and forth. Instead, you can use a clear span structure and save on costs. You’ll have it right there on-site with you so that stock is to hand as and when you need it. 

Take The Structure With You

For some industries, it’s very helpful that clear span structures can be moved with them, whenever they need to move on. For example, take construction companies. They aren’t going to be working on the same site all the time, but they will need somewhere to store materials as they’re working. A clear span structure is perfect, as they can take it with them once they’re done on a site. 

It’s very easy to take a structure down and reassemble it elsewhere. Depending on the size of the structure you have, that process can be just a matter of hours. Once it’s done, you’re ready to get to work again wherever you are now. 

Use The Space You Have

As you’ve seen so far, there are lots of benefits to using a clear span structure. One of them that you may not have thought of is the way it allows you to maximise your space. On your property, you may have an amount of land that you’d want to put to good use. You may not want to build a full structure there as you may not need it all the time. For a temporary structure, though, it’s perfect. 

Using a structure really allows you to make the most of the space that you have. You can order yours to be a certain size and shape to fit in that space, so you can use all of it. That’s something you just can’t do when it comes to other methods, such as Conex boxes. They have a rigidly defined shape, so you’ll have to work around them rather than the other way around. 

Have A Building On Hand For When You Need It

There are lots of companies out there that have looked to buy their own temporary structures. They may not need them all the time, but they know at some point they could be required. That could be for extra storage space, extra classrooms, or garage space depending on their needs. When they buy a building, they can store it away when its not in use. 

That allows them to react right away, should they need to. If they need that extra space for anything, they can get the structure up and ready right away. It brings a lot of peace of mind to business owners, as they know they can react if they need to without wasting any time. 

High-Quality Structures Ready For Anything

You may be wondering if a clear span structure can be ready for anything the weather can throw at it. Another temporary structure type may seem more sturdy, but rest assured your clear span tent can weather any storm. They’re made to be sturdy, standing up to strong winds and even heavy snowfall on the roof. They can take rain too, being waterproof to protect anything or anyone that’s in the tent during a downpour. 

There are so many reasons why your business may need a clear span structure. Look into procuring one for your business today. You can get a size that suits your needs, and as soon as you need that extra space, you’ll be ready. It’s something that’s more valuable than you’d think.