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Finding The Right Portable Storage Building For Your Needs

As your business expands, or you receive additional inventory, you need a place to store everything. This is where a portable storage building come in.

Every business can benefit from a portable storage building at one time or another. They offer all the benefits of a full building, with the added benefits that it can be taken apart and moved as and when you need to. That makes it very easy to create that extra space when you need it. Here’s how you’ll find the right portable storage building for your needs.


What Can A Portable Storage Building Be Used For?

A portable storage building can be put to so many different uses, and every business can benefit from them at one time or another. Here’s how some businesses are using these buildings:

1. Storage:

This is the most obvious use of a portable building. There will be times when you have increased demand, and need somewhere temporary to store extra stock. You may also need somewhere to keep vehicles, or materials needed in your work.

For example, portable storage buildings are commonly used as construction tents because they’re great for keeping building materials and vehicles out of the rain. They’re also perfect for temporary warehouses that need extra space, and agricultural sites for storing hay bales, equipment, feed, and crops among other things.

2. COVID testing sites:

This is something that has cropped up with the rise of the pandemic. People need to be tested, but hospitals are looking to limit exposure to other patients. A portable storage building allows them to set up testing sites on their property, so they can offer testing services safely.

Many have taken it one step further, using these buildings to create drive through testing sites. That’s allowed them to make testing even safer, and allow for continuous testing.

3. Curbside pick up:

This is another innovation that came around in part due to COVID-19. As the pandemic progressed, many companies were trying to find ways to stay open while keeping customers safe. Curbside pick up allowed them to still sell to customers, while keeping numbers in store as minimal as possible.

This has been taken up mostly by grocery stores, supermarkets and take out restaurants. Having a portable building set up for drive through means that they can easily deliver their services, while keeping customers safe. It’s also highly efficient for customers and staff, so this is something that is most likely here to stay.

4. Extra assembly plant space:

This is something that has come in very helpful for plants and factories that are looking to deal with increased demand. They need to produce more, and that means more equipment and more staff. They’ll need more space to do so, and that’s where the portable building comes in.

Having that portable storage building set up means that they can get extra production set up easily, and get going. It’s something that helps factories keep up with demand, without delay.

5. Recreation:

Did you know that portable storage buildings can be used for recreation? There’s all kinds of ways that they’ve been used for the needs of different groups.

For example, a large building can be used for horse training, allowing it to continue during bad weather. They’re also excellent for concerts, as they can hold lots of people if needed. They’ve even been used as churches on occasion.

Portable Storage Building - L2 Structures

Is A Portable Storage Building Right For You?

There are hundreds of uses for a portable storage building, but is it going to be the right option for you? There are several benefits to them, so you can see if they’re going to offer you what you’re looking for.

1. Multiple size and shape options:

One of the best things about a portable storage building is that you’re not restricted to just one size and shape. You can get the shape of building that you need. That makes it a lot more beneficial than other temporary building options, that only come in one configuration.

You’ll be able to set up a building in a size and shape that works for you. That also allows you to take advantage of the space that you have on your site.

2. Weather resistance:

Some worry about using portable storage buildings, as they don’t know how they’ll fare against inclement weather. That’s something you do need to think about if you’ll be storing materials or goods in there.

The good news is that these buildings are much sturdier than you’d expect. The coverings are waterproof, so there’s no concerns about water getting in. The steel frame design helps them resist high winds, and can even hold the weight of snow. Whatever the weather throws at you, these buildings can take it.

3. Different usage options:

As portable storage buildings are so versatile, you’ll be able to get customizable options for them, depending on your needs. For example, you can add in drive through garage style doors to them, perfect if you’re storing vehicles or using the building as a drive through. You can also get all kinds of extra tent accessories such as exit lights, HVAC, and more too. That makes it comfortable to use, no matter how you’re using it.

4. Pick up and move:

As the name suggests, portable storage buildings are very easy to move as needed. They can be put together and taken apart quite simply, so you can take it apart and move it to a new area whenever you need to.

If you work in an industry like construction, where you’re always moving from site to site, then this is going to be invaluable to you. You can use the building on your current site to store materials, and when you’re done, move the building to the next job. It’s something that a lot of companies are already taking advantage of.

There’s plenty of ways that you can use a portable storage tent for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Because of this, you’ll see there’s a lot of different configurations you can use. That makes a portable storage building the best solution for a whole range of different needs.

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