Concerts, Festivals & Event Tents

Concerts & Event Tents

From a local concert to the world’s largest music festivals, our team has the resources to support a temporary venue that provides a safe and comfortable environment for all performers and attendees.

L2 is proud to serve some of the largest concert and event producers in the world. From branded vendor tents to large 100,000 SF convention tents, we have the clear span tent inventory and accessories to meet all of your events’ needs. Our team provides the full suite of event support services from site planning, 3D design, logistics, installation, and removal. Our team will always be one a call away throughout the entire process. Let us help you take your event to the next level. 

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Event Tents and Accessories

Each of the events we serve is unique. From concert tents to music festival tents, to state and county fair structures to industry tradeshow tents, our team has the products and accessories to serve your needs.

We offer the following products and accessories for events:

3-Meter (10’) to 50-Meter (164’) Wide Clear Span Tents

Fencing & Crowd Control Barriers

Our wide selection of clear span event tents can be custom branded with your company’s name and logo and be used as a special events space or a concession stand.

Flexible Inventory

We offer event tents from 2,500 SF to 100,000 SF depending on the project needs.

Record of Safety

Our experienced tent installation teams are safety-trained and certified.

Rapid Installation

We can install an average of 5,000 to 10,000 SF of tents per day.

Durable Engineering

Our structures are designed to withstand Class C Wind Exposure (88 to 115 mph 3 second wind gusts)


We install over 2 million SF of clear span tents across the U.S. each year

Availability of Amenities

We offer flooring, doors, garage doors, lighting, tables, chairs, and more


See how the multiple ways our temporary structures
are perfect for any use.

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