Construction Office Trailers vs. Portable Structures for Construction Sites

When running a job site, it’s important to have areas for your workers, along with the necessary storage space. For your next job, should you opt for construction office trailers or portable structures? 

On site, there’s always going to be a need for some kind of temporary building. Typically, you’ll see construction office trailers parked up, offering some indoor space. The problem is, though, that they aren’t as adaptable as you need them to be. Plenty of construction companies are making the switch to portable construction tents. What makes them the better choice?

1. Much More Flexibility

When you have a construction office trailers on site, you can only really use it for, well, offices. That allows for space for site supervisors to meet in, but not much else. There’s lots more you can do with an enclosed space. For example, you could do with somewhere for staff to take breaks, out of the weather and the dust. Also, what about storage? You need somewhere to keep materials and vehicles overnight.

While the office trailer gives you an air conditioned office space, a portable structure gives you so much more. You can get a building with the right size and scale that you need for any project. It makes things a lot easier, as you can get a building to serve any purpose. Whether that’s space for extra inventory, offices, or break rooms, they can do it all.

2. Additional Security Can Be Added

Some business owners don’t want to use fabric portable structures, as they feel they aren’t as secure as an office trailer. It’s true that construction office trailers have solid walls, and have doors and windows that can be locked. However, this is where portable structures can show off their versatility again.

There can be several options added to the structure in order to make them more secure. The most common option is to add solid walls to them, making them easy to lock up and safer overall. This can be used in addition with extra fencing, motion sensors, and cameras as needed. That’s something you’ll want to consider if you want to store stock or materials in your building, especially over night.

3. Quicker To Set Up

Once you’re on site, you want to get started as quickly as possible. Part of that will be setting up your infrastructure, including any temporary buildings. Construction office trailers are a solid option, but you will need to wait longer for them to be up and running before you can start.

One of the great things about a portable fabric structure is that they can go up much more quickly. On average, you can get 10,000 square feet of portable structure put up in a day. That means that you can get yours erected very quickly and easily, allowing you to get to work in a much more timely fashion. That’s something to consider when time is money.

4. Create Covered Areas For Workers

An office trailer is designed to be an office, and so they don’t have much flexibility, as noted above. Your supervisory staff will be able to use them, but they aren’t offering any value to the rest of the staff on site.

Your team need somewhere where they can take breaks away from the site, where they can get out of the weather. It’s no fun being stuck in the pouring rain or sweltering heat, after all. A portable structure offers a space that you can turn into a temporary break room with ease. As a bonus, they’re easily air conditioned too. That creates a much more comfortable area for staff to take breaks in.

It’s not only about comfort, but about safety. If the team can get inside out of the weather, then you’re taking care of their well being. Being out in the sun all day, for example, can easily lead to heatstroke. With a portable building, you can avoid this happening to your team.

5. A More Affordable Option

When making plans for any new site, you’ll need to balance cost against practicality. Many business pay the premium for construction office trailers, as they don’t realize there’s a better option out there for them. A portable structure is actually much cheaper, while offering more features overall.

This is one area where you’re actually not losing out on practicality when you spend less. When you can get more for less than an office trailer, why would you spend more? Being able to make those savings will give you more room in your budget, something that will be very welcome to most business owners.

6. Long Lasting Building Options

A lot of construction business owners will use office trailers, as they feel they’ll be more suitable for long term use. As you’re working on the site, it’s likely to be a long term job. Because of this, you need something that can last over time.

While construction office trailers can certainly do this, portable structures are more hardy than you’d think. You’ll be able to use them long term, as they are designed to stand up to inclement weather. That includes wind, rain, snow, and more.

As they’re so well made, you can easily use them over a longer project with no worries about leaks or damage. Waterproof structures and hard wearing frames allow you to store goods under the roof without worry, making them a good option when you stack up the benefits overall.

7. Equip With Everything You Need

Construction office trailers can only hold so much, so they’re always more likely to just be used as offices. A portable building, on the other hand, can become anything with the right equipment.

For example, adding cafeteria style tables enables you to turn it into a lunch room. Adding in desks and chairs creates an office, and chairs create a break room. Plus, with additions like AC, TVs, cooking areas and more, you’ll have the perfect indoor space.

Portable structures are incredibly versatile, which is something that office trailers can’t offer you. With these buildings, you can get all the space that you need. Look into using one on your next job, and you’ll see that they offer a huge amount of value.


Preparing For Supply Chain Obstacles In 2022 With Temporary Structures

Supply chain obstacles have been common throughout the past year, and unfortunately are expected to continue. Here’s how to prepare your business with temporary structures.

Over the last year, businesses have had to contend with unprecedented supply chain shortages. This has made getting goods into the hands of your customers has become more difficult, and you’ve had to make changes to the way you do business. Here’s how temporary structures can help you prepare for supply chain obstacles in 2022 and help you get ahead of the problem.


How Supply Chain Obstacles Are Affecting Businesses

The vast majority of businesses have seen supply chain obstacles of one sort or another over the past year. If you’ve had to tackle these issues before, you probably had to turn down or close orders, losing business and profit in the process.

The issues have hit businesses hard as many manufacturers use the ‘Just In Time’ business model. This has worked well in the past, as it meant that companies haven’t been left with surplus stock and less waste overall. During the era of COVID-19, though, this hasn’t left any room for error.

Thanks to the pandemic, if there’s a shortage of staff somewhere in the supply chain, then it leads to shortages elsewhere. As most manufacturers are using that Just In Time model, that leads to issues that can be devastating.

Because of this, businesses are looking at changing up the way they handle their supply. Some are pivoting away from this model, using the opportunity to start building up stock again to prepare for shortages. They’re also looking into alternate suppliers, so they have more options if there is a shortage in the future.

To accommodate for this, many businesses are turning to temporary structures. This allows them to get the space they need right away, so they do not have to struggle to store the extra stock that they do have right now. They’re a more affordable option, as warehouse rentals are becoming more and more expensive.


COVID And Productivity

Most supply chain obstacles are happening because workers are having to self isolate after being exposed to COVID. Because of this, there’s less staff, and shortages inevitably occur. While you can’t eliminate the risk of COVID, you can take steps to ensure that your staff is as safe as they can be while they’re working.

This is one of the main reasons temporary structures are being used right now. They help extend the workspace, allowing for more effective social distancing. You can have your full workforce on site with enough distance between everyone to ensure that everyone is safe and less likely to need to self-isolate.

The structures are also very helpful if you’re looking to create break areas too. Your current break areas may not allow you to keep these spaces safe, but if you use temporary structures, then you can create a more spread out room so everyone can take breaks safely.


Changing Your Supply Model Quickly

Another benefit of temporary structures is that you can change up your logistics and supply chain model on the fly. Building a new warehouse, or finding one to rent, is going to take time. You need to make changes now to be ahead of the supply chain obstacles that may be heading your way.

A temporary storage and warehouse tent can be up in a matter of hours, depending on how large it is. As soon as it’s up, it’s ready to be used, so you can start using it to store stock or expand your workspace as needed. It’s something you need to consider, as you want your business to be ready should any supply chain obstacles hit you. If you’re ahead of the curve, then the impact should be much less severe.


Be Ready For Supply Chain Fluctuations

At the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses saw demand for their goods fluctuate. Those that usually sold steadily saw a dramatic decrease in demand, as people were staying home and watching how they spent their cash. As such, they were left with unsold stock, which meant they had to liquidate it to stay afloat.

The problem was, then, there was an unexpected surge in demand, meaning that these businesses then struggled to meet demand with the little stock they had remaining. As such, these fluctuations made running a business a lot harder.

This is another reason why businesses are switching to a different model, as if they are keeping more stock in reserve, they’ll be able to meet those demands if there’s another surge. Having a temporary structure helps with this, as the stock can be stored easily. That allows you to keep it on-site, so you’re ready for anything.


A Temporary Structure Ready For Any Weather

With all these benefits, you’ll want to get a temporary structure so you can be ready for anything the supply chain can throw at you. However, as it’s temporary, you’ll be worried about whether your stock will be safe in it over extended periods of time.

The good news is, a temporary structure is harder than you’d think. They’re designed to take on wet weather, high winds, and even snow with ease. Reinforced framing and waterproof coverings mean that everything in the structure will be safe and sound, even over more extended periods of time. These structures can be used on a semi-permanent basis, so you can get them set up and use them for longer periods if necessary.


An Affordable Way To Prepare

Finally, it’s important to know that temporary structures are one of the most affordable ways to get ready for potential supply chain obstacles. As a business, it may not make sense for you to rent out a warehouse or look into more permanent storage options. A temporary building gives you a lot more flexibility and will be cheaper than long-term rentals.

Temporary buildings have been the go to option for many businesses during the pandemic in order to counter ongoing supply issues. You want to be ready for these if they happen to you. Now is the time to secure one for yourself and be ready for whatever the year gives you.


The Best Job Site Storage Solutions for Every Construction Company

When working in construction, you often find yourself in need of job site storage. Whether you need storage for equipment, materials, or excess inventory, a temporary structure can help.

There are so many things you have to manage when you’re working on a construction site. You need to be on top of the job at hand, as well as organizing crew, bringing in deliveries, and more. With so much to coordinate, you may not have even thought about job site storage.

There will always be a need for storage on-site, whether that’s for equipment or materials. If you need storage, then temporary structures should work well for your needs, and here are just a few reasons why you should be considering them.


Highly Adaptable Temporary Job Site Storage Structures

No matter what kind of construction work you’re doing and what you need to store, a temporary structure will give you everything you need. They’re essentially a blank slate, and you’ll be able to pick up something that suits you and your site.

When booking your structure, you’ll be given all kinds of options, some of which you’ll see below. As there’s so much choice, you’ll be able to find everything that you need to create the job site storage that works best for you.


1. Low-Cost Options

As with any construction job, you have to strike a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. If you’re looking into getting temporary structures, then that, of course, will take up some of your budget. You need to be able to get the storage you need without having to spend more than required.

The best thing about temporary job site storage structures is that they’re more cost-effective than you’d think. They certainly are more affordable than other storage options out there, so you don’t have to worry about your budget. Even when they are cheaper, you’ll still get a good quality structure for what you pay.


2. Low Maintenance Needs

Another consideration when looking at any temporary structure is their maintenance needs. That’s another job that needs to be handled when you’re on-site, which will take time away from other important work that needs to be happening.

A temporary job site storage structure will actually need very little maintenance once you have it up and running. They’re made from highly durable materials, so they can take a lot from the elements without you having to worry about it. Even if you’re facing down heavy rain or high winds, that shouldn’t be a problem here.


3. Quick Construction And Relocation

When working on any site, you’re not always going to be working on the same spots. As such, you need storage that can be moved as and when you need to. A temporary job site storage structure is very quickly constructed, and you can have it up and running in no time.

If you do need to move it, it’s very simple to do so. As the parts are prefabricated, they just need to be taken apart and then put back together where they need to be. It makes storage a lot more flexible, as you can have it wherever you need it to be at any time.


4. Energy Efficient Structures

Like many businesses and industries now, you’ll be looking at making your work more eco-friendly. That will extend into everything you do, including finding job site storage solutions. How can it be more environmentally sound?

You’ll see that it’s all in the membranes used in the construction of their roofs. They are typically translucent, so they can’t be seen through, but light can very easily shine through them. During the workday, you’ll be able to see around the structure without using extra lighting to do so, although additional lighting is available if needed.

As well as this, white roof membranes will also be able to reflect heat during the day. That allows you to save on cooling costs inside the structure and improve your company’s environmental impact.


5. Modular Options For Every Need

Every company is different, and every site will be different too. You’ll need storage that has doors in certain configurations, buildings that are larger or smaller depending on your needs, and so on. One of the best things about temporary construction tents is that you can have a building put together in almost any configuration you want.

As the structures are modular, parts can be put together to give you precisely what you need. Parts are put together to get the size and shape you need for your job site storage. That’s great news for you, as you won’t need to make any compromises to get what you’re looking for.


6. Multi-Use Structures

No matter what you need storage for, a temporary structure will give you what you’re looking for.  These structures have a clear span design, so you can use the space as you see fit. Nothing is blocking the space under the roof, such as poles, so it can be arranged to suit your needs for as long as you need them.

Because of this very adaptable design, you can store whatever is needed in these structures. This can be construction materials or equipment that’s needed on site.


7. Rent Or Buy

When looking into temporary job site storage structures, you’ll find that you can either rent or buy them as needed. That gives you more options for your business so that you can make the best choice. Many companies opt for rentals, as they can get a structure sized perfectly for the site they’re working on. Once they’re finished, the structure is sent back to the rental company.

Buying is also a great option, especially if you need extra storage regularly on sites. That allows you to take the structure with you and set it up as and when you need it. Having the option for either gives you more flexibility.

Temporary structures are a popular option for construction site storage right now. They allow you to handle all kinds of jobs and store whatever you need away from the elements. If you need storage space on your site, look into temporary structures now. They’re quick to put up and offer you a lot of advantages.


Why Modular Office Space Is So Important For The Construction Industry

Modular office space is extremely valuable for construction sites and the industry as a whole; here’s why.

There’s plenty of things you need as a construction company when you’re out on the site. You’ll need experienced staff, well-maintained equipment, and so on. What you may not have realized you needed was modular office space.

It’s not the first thing you think of when putting together a list of essentials, but you’d be amazed at how essential modular office space is. Here’s why you need to look into getting modular office space that you can take on-site.

Modular Office Space Is Flexible

One of the best things about using modular construction tents is that they’re so flexible. You can use them for almost anything you can think of. For example, if you need some staff room space for your workers to take breaks in, then you can use this space as a modular break room structure. You can also use these spaces to hold meetings, something essential when you’re working on a project and want to ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

Whatever you need, you can create the space with modular buildings. They’re a blank canvas, so you can arrange and use them however you want.

Sizes And Shapes To Suit You

Every construction site is different. You’re going to have differing amounts of space for your admin team, and you need to ensure you’re making the most of what you have. That’s why you should look into modular buildings. These have the edge over other temporary buildings, as you can dictate the size and shape.

When booking your modular structure, you’ll need to give the measurements of the site that you’ll use. With that, the team can recommend the right structure and set it up for you. This allows you to customize the space as needed, putting in the right equipment and allowing for enough room for everyone who will use it.

Pick Out Ready Made Options

While the joy of modular buildings is that you can customize them as needed, you’ll see that there’s a lot of options when it comes to what you can have. There are a good range of ready made choices that can be delivered to you, ready to be used. This saves some time and is often just what you’re looking for.

For example, some office trailers will come in various sizes and shapes, so you can get something that suits you directly. Take a look at what’s available to you, as there are most likely some options that you can use ‘out of the box.’

Be More Efficient On Site

While the construction team will be working on the project, you’ll need the admin team to be behind them, handling the paperwork and other day-to-day tasks. Usually, construction companies will keep them at a separate office while the construction team goes out. It works to a certain degree, but often the construction site will be miles away from where your base is. That leads to long travel times and general inefficiency.

That’s why more and more companies are choosing to use modular office space to solve this issue. With a building that can be moved anywhere, they can set up their office in the same location as their current project. That helps improve communication and efficiency, as all staff will be on the same site.

Improving Safety During COVID 

Right now, working space is a hot topic. COVID is still a going concern, so you must try and keep your staff as safe as possible. One of the best and most efficient ways of doing this is to help enable social distancing in the workplace. With this, you can keep staff far enough apart that they can work safely without worrying about spreading the virus.

How can you do that in regular building spaces, though? You only have a limited amount of indoor space, and you still need to accommodate all of your staff. That’s where a modular building will come in. With these, you can create a larger working space for all of your admin staff. That allows you to spread workstations out and make a much safer working environment overall. Staff will feel safer being at work, and you’ll help reduce the risk of the virus being spread, keeping staff safe and reducing any absences due to potential exposure.

Provide Shelter From The Elements

On a construction site, you are at the mercy of the elements as you work. There’s only so much you can do when working on the site itself, but the admin staff doesn’t need to be out in the rain to do their job. Using modular office space lets you keep them out of the elements and comfortable, no matter where they’re working.

Obviously, the buildings will keep the rain off their head, but you’ll also see that you can get buildings with options for heating and cooling. This is so important when you’re working in either hotter or colder climes. Just because the building is temporary, it doesn’t mean that your staff needs to brave the weather. With a good AC system, they can work comfortably.

Get The Building Constructed Quickly

There are other temporary buildings that come pre-constructed, and so as soon as they come onto the site, you can start using them. That’s a good benefit, but the problem is they’re very rigid and inflexible. They’re a certain size, and that may not be the size you need. Plus, if you’re trying to handle social distancing, then they’re not going to be anywhere near big enough.

That’s where a modular office space can benefit you. You can have them made in any size you like, and when it arrives on-site, it can be constructed very quickly. Even the largest construction structures only need a matter of days to be fully built. With this, you can be sure that you can get the space you need quickly.

There are lots of reasons why you should look into modular office space for your admin staff. Start shopping around now to find just what they need.