Why You Should Use Temporary Structures as Portable Office Buildings

Interested in cost-effective office mobility? Here’s why you should use temporary structures as portable office buildings.

Need temporary office space? You’ve got more options to rent or buy than ever before. If you need something that’s flexible and ready to use quickly, then a temporary structure is one of the best options out there. Here’s why you should be using them as temporary offices. 

Temporary Buildings Are Already In Use As Offices Around The World

The pandemic made us rethink a lot of things, and one of those things was office space. The space we had at the time was enough, but with the need for social distancing in place, you had to rethink it. Temporary structures offered critical safety for medical professionals and organizations operating COVID-19 and medical tents as well as those operating restaurant tents and retail structures that allowed social distancing. They could be set up, and allow for extra space between each workstation. Thanks to this, staff could still work safely. 

Temporary structures are widely used across a variety of industries, including construction, disaster relief, and other companies that need portable office buildings. Modern portable office buildings provide the amenities you need to keep your employees comfortable.

Heat Or Cool The Building As Needed

As a temporary building uses a tent-like structure, it’s easy to assume that it can’t be made comfortable like a regular building. In fact, you can add in heating or cooling as needed when you rent a structure. That makes it much better for those using it, as you’ll be able to work in a comfortable temperature, year-round. 

You can add in lots of other extras too, such as lights, emergency signs, and more. The setup will be just like your regular office, only in a different setting. 

Set Up Quickly

In some cases, you may need that temporary office very quickly. For example, if your regular building has been hit by flooding, then you need a space to work in until your office has been dried out and remodeled. That’s where a temporary structure comes in. 

While you’re waiting for your regular office to get set back up, the temporary office can be set up in a matter of hours. That ensures that you don’t have to wait long, and work won’t be too disrupted as you can get back into it quickly. 

Have Flexible Layouts

You have plenty of options when it comes to temporary offices, such as office trailers. The problem with them is, though, that they don’t have the most flexible layouts and sizes. You’ll have to work with what’s available, and that’s not going to be ideal when you’re using them. You don’t want staff to be crammed into small spaces to work, especially for longer periods. 

That’s why temporary structures are becoming more popular when it comes to temporary offices. They can be rented in all kinds of sizes and shapes, so you won’t be pushed into using a size that doesn’t work for you. You can pick a size and shape that gives you what you need. As they’re clear span structures too, you’ll see that they’re highly flexible, allowing you to set them up however they would work best. 

Keeps Costs Down

Another benefit you’ll want to consider when thinking about temporary offices is cost. You’ll want to keep costs down, especially if you’ll need to use them for a longer period of time. A temporary structure can often be a lot cheaper to use than other options out there. 

This is often because you’ll be able to rent just one building, rather than several of them to get the size and floor space that you need. They’re also very easy to set up on your own property, so you won’t be paying extra in rental costs. All in all, you’ll save a lot of money using these options for your temporary office needs. 

Highly Weather Resistant

Depending on where your business is based, you’ll be wondering if a temporary structure will be able to keep up with the weather that you get. Some people are put off, as they think that the structure won’t be able to take inclement weather. The fact is though, they can stand up to worse weather than you’d think. 

Modern structures are made with reinforced steel frames, and that allows them to take high winds and even the weight of snow on the roof. The fabric used is waterproof, so there’s no danger of leaking either. That is important, especially if you’re going to have tech in there as you work. With improved weather resistance, you can use a temporary structure as an office no matter where you are. 

Take Your Office With You

There are companies who may just need that office on a temporary basis, but others will need them for longer. Others still will need to move them around from place to place. Consider businesses and industries like construction, that won’t always be in the same place just by nature of the job. 

Many businesses are investing in their own temporary structures to use as offices, as they’re so easy to move around. As they’re quick to put up, they can be up and ready in a matter of hours, ready to get started. Once you’re ready to move on, again they’re very easy to take down and you’ll be ready to get started at the next site. 

Fit Into The Space You Have

One of the best things about a temporary structure is that they’re so easy to fit into the space you have on your site. You can order them to fit into a space on your property, so you can make the most of it. 

Again, this makes them very flexible when it comes to planning a temporary office. You can get just the right amount of space you want, and put that land to good use. 

These are just a few of the benefits that you’ll get when you use a temporary structure as an office when you need it most. It makes the whole process a lot smoother and more comfortable for everyone, and there are lots of other benefits besides. If you need a temporary office, look into getting a temporary structure today.

How Your Business Can Benefit From ClearSpan Buildings

In recent years, all kinds of industries have been using clear span structures. From construction sites to universities, there are all kinds of ways they have been put to good use. Your own business will also be able to benefit from a clear span building, too. Here’s how you can use them and gain their benefits. 

What Is A Clear Span Building?

You’ll often hear clear span buildings is referred to as temporary buildings, tents, and more. To be a clear span structure, they need to be a turn-key fabric-covered frame, giving you tent shelter wherever you want it. 

Businesses have been using them for years for all kinds of uses. If you need a structure on your site on a temporary basis, a clean span structure will be what you’re looking for. 

How Can A Clear Span Structure Be Used?

So, what are businesses using clear span structures for? Essentially, they can use them for anything they want. Some common uses include:

  • Extra warehousing space
  • Temporary classrooms
  • Vehicle storage
  • Materials storage for construction sites
  • Break spaces

That’s just some of the common uses out there, though. If you need a sheltered space for any reason on your property, then a clear span structure literally has you covered. 

In the last couple of years, they have found new uses thanks to the pandemic. They’ve often been used as vaccination tents, drive-thru pick-up centers, and to add extra workspace to allow for social distancing. This shows you just how flexible they are, so you can use them for just about anything. 

Benefits Over Other Temporary Buildings

There are certainly other temporary building options out there for you. Conex boxes are a popular option, as well as off-site warehousing and other options. When you need a temporary space though, a clear span structure gives you a lot of benefits that they just can’t. 

A structure can be rented or bought in just the size or shape that you need. Conex boxes are a very rigid size and shape, and you’re likely to need a few of them if you have a lot that you need to warehouse. It also makes it more difficult to fit stock in, and get back out again. A structure can be ordered that’s the right size and shape for you, making it easy to store stock and access it. 

Off-site warehousing takes the need to store items off your hands, but it comes with its own drawbacks. You’re going to be paying for warehousing rental costs, as well as travel back and forth. Instead, you can use a clear span structure and save on costs. You’ll have it right there on-site with you so that stock is to hand as and when you need it. 

Take The Structure With You

For some industries, it’s very helpful that clear span structures can be moved with them, whenever they need to move on. For example, take construction companies. They aren’t going to be working on the same site all the time, but they will need somewhere to store materials as they’re working. A clear span structure is perfect, as they can take it with them once they’re done on a site. 

It’s very easy to take a structure down and reassemble it elsewhere. Depending on the size of the structure you have, that process can be just a matter of hours. Once it’s done, you’re ready to get to work again wherever you are now. 

Use The Space You Have

As you’ve seen so far, there are lots of benefits to using a clear span structure. One of them that you may not have thought of is the way it allows you to maximise your space. On your property, you may have an amount of land that you’d want to put to good use. You may not want to build a full structure there as you may not need it all the time. For a temporary structure, though, it’s perfect. 

Using a structure really allows you to make the most of the space that you have. You can order yours to be a certain size and shape to fit in that space, so you can use all of it. That’s something you just can’t do when it comes to other methods, such as Conex boxes. They have a rigidly defined shape, so you’ll have to work around them rather than the other way around. 

Have A Building On Hand For When You Need It

There are lots of companies out there that have looked to buy their own temporary structures. They may not need them all the time, but they know at some point they could be required. That could be for extra storage space, extra classrooms, or garage space depending on their needs. When they buy a building, they can store it away when its not in use. 

That allows them to react right away, should they need to. If they need that extra space for anything, they can get the structure up and ready right away. It brings a lot of peace of mind to business owners, as they know they can react if they need to without wasting any time. 

High-Quality Structures Ready For Anything

You may be wondering if a clear span structure can be ready for anything the weather can throw at it. Another temporary structure type may seem more sturdy, but rest assured your clear span tent can weather any storm. They’re made to be sturdy, standing up to strong winds and even heavy snowfall on the roof. They can take rain too, being waterproof to protect anything or anyone that’s in the tent during a downpour. 

There are so many reasons why your business may need a clear span structure. Look into procuring one for your business today. You can get a size that suits your needs, and as soon as you need that extra space, you’ll be ready. It’s something that’s more valuable than you’d think.


5 Benefits Of A Temporary Outdoor Classroom For Universities

With the versatility of temporary structures, we have seen a rise in the use of temporary outdoor classroom space for universities.

There has been a real rise in universities making a move towards outdoor classrooms for their students in the last few years. While a lot of this has been because of the pandemic and a need to keep students safe, the benefits have been much deeper than this. Let’s take a look at why an outdoor classroom hold so many benefits for students.


1. Allowing For In Person Learning During COVID

While we may see COVID become endemic within the next few years, there is still a lot of concern about spreading the virus around campus. No one wants to come down with it and potentially expose others to it, so you need to take special care when teaching.

At the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of learning had to take place virtually. This was a good stop gap measure to take, but it wasn’t going to work long term. Many lectures and classes need interaction with others, face to face. It just wasn’t going to work if everyone was stuck behind a screen.

That’s why universities started to utilize outdoor classroom space. Having a classroom outdoors allowed for more space and better air flow, two things that really help with stopping the spread of the virus. If the university was in a place with a temperate climate, it allowed them to take advantage of it too. Classes could take place as normal, just outdoors instead.

It allowed students to come back and start learning with others again, something that most wanted to do. As such, it offered universities a good middle ground when it came to safety.


2. Improving Student Mental Health

This is a surprising point, but it’s true. Holding classes outdoors can actually help improve a student’s overall mental health.

How does this work? Many students are under a lot of pressure, with university classes, assignments, work, and family duties on top of other things. It’s so easy for them to get burnt out and be unable to keep up with everything. Plus, as they’re working they’re typically cooped up indoors for hours on end. It’s not a great way to work or live.

Some universities are seeing this, and have been looking for ways to help their students. That’s where outdoor classroom space comes in. Whether they’re under purpose built structures or temporary buildings, the fact they’re outdoors helps a lot. Getting fresh air and different scenery helps them unwind a little and get the most out of their learning.

This was also a reason for using outdoor classrooms during the height of the pandemic. Students were struggling because they had to study in isolation. They weren’t able to study or engage socially with others, so it had a huge impact on their mental health. Being able to come into university and be with others was a huge boon to their wellbeing.



3. Improving Academic Performance

Again, it’s a surprising outcome of outdoor classrooms, but it makes a lot of sense once you think about it. Several studies in grade school aged children showed that when they had a mix of indoor and outdoor learning, they actually managed to pay attention for longer in class overall. When they were able to do that, they could absorb more and get more out of the their classes. It also allowed them to learn without distracting others.

While that works for children, it can work for adults in university too. Being in nature offers a lot of health benefits. It reduces stress, improves immune function, and allows for better concentration overall. As such, implementing outdoor classroom space can seriously help their learning and so boost their overall grades.

This is true even if you’re simply holding the same lecture outdoors as you would indoors. Just being outside can do wonders for students, so it’s something more universities are considering.


4. Create More Teaching Space

On a more practical note, you have to consider just how much space you have for your students overall. With bigger class sizes and more demand for certain classes and subjects, you may find your campus is stretched for space. How can you accommodate this extra demand, while still using the space that you have?

This is another reason why several universities have been using outdoor classes as a solution on campus. You most likely have some wide outdoor spaces that aren’t otherwise being used. They can be put into service as outdoor classrooms, so you can accommodate all those classes. It’s a cost effective option, as you’ll be able to bring in those extra students without having to buy more land or build more buildings on the same lot.

It’s also helpful as you may not need those classrooms year round. If it’s a temporary need for more space, those outdoor classrooms can fit the bill nicely. Temporary university classroom space is perfect for this, as they offer all the benefits of a permanent building without the costs, and can be taken down when necessary.

There’s also the option to build more permanent outdoor classrooms with large sail roofs, if that’s what will work better for your campus. With so many options, there’s going to be something that works for you.


5. Keep Costs Down

Finally, using an outdoor classroom will go a long way towards keeping costs down on campus. You’ve seen some of this already in the previous points. An outdoor classroom will be something that just requires land that you already have. There’s no need to pay for more buildings or land, so you’re making the most of what you have.

If you’re using a temporary structure too, you’ll see that these are highly cost effective. They allow you to create a full classroom to your own needs, without having to spend a lot out of your budget. As such, they’re something to look into.

As you’ve seen, outdoor classrooms are something that are drastically improving both student life and campuses as a whole. If you’re not already using an outdoor classroom, it’s time to look into them. Perhaps they could be the right thing for your campus?


5 Misconceptions Of Tension Fabric Buildings (And The Truth Behind Them)

Tension fabric buildings can be a valuable asset to your company. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about these structures; today, we’ll debunk them.

Right now, more and more businesses are finding that they can get a lot of use out of tension fabric buildings. They’ve become indispensable for all kinds of things, but there are still some businesses out there that are hesitant about using them. Not sure if they’re right for you? Here are some common misconceptions about tension buildings you may have heard, and the truth behind them.  

Myth 1: A Fabric Building Is Just A Temporary Structure 

If you need a structure for extra space on your site, you may not want a fabric one as you’ve heard that they’re just for temporary usage. Or, you may not know how long you’re going to need that structure for, so surely you can’t settle for a temporary building? 

It is true that there are fabric buildings designed for temporary use, but there are plenty more structures that are made to last for a longer period of time, too. These usually use anchors that are drilled directly into the ground, allowing the building to stay stable, no matter how long it needs to sit there.  

Just because it’s anchored to the ground, doesn’t mean that it can’t be moved easily. If you need to move the structure for any reason, then it can easily be removed from its anchors and placed elsewhere. That way, you don’t need to worry about having to change up your site layout when needs be. It’s quick to do too, so you won’t lose time having to move the structure when the need arises.  

Myth 2: Tension Fabric Buildings Aren’t Durable 

This is a misconception that is born out of the idea that a fabric building is just a temporary structure. As many people perceive these buildings to be akin to tents, they feel that they won’t be able to stand up to the weather and everyday use.  

This isn’t true at all. A tension fabric building is made to be more rugged and capable than other temporary structures. The fabrics used in the construction of these structures is usually polyethylene, a highly sturdy material that can take anything the weather throws at it. You’ll often be able to get these fabrics in a rip-stop weave, in order to avoid rips and tears from happening.  

As for the frames, these are usually made from triple galvanized steel. They’re corrosion-resistant, and more than strong enough to hold the tent up. That means they won’t corrode when being bombarded with salt and sand and can take the weight of snow if it falls on the roof. They should also be able to withstand high wind speeds, so you can use a fabric structure without worrying about the weather damaging it.  

Myth 3: Tension Fabric Buildings Are Just Designed For Agriculture 

There’s no denying that tension fabric buildings are highly useful when it comes to agriculture. They’re a staple in the industry, excellent for storing goods on property. While that’s the case, many believe they’re only good for the agriculture industry as a whole.  

Thanks to the pandemic, many industries have found a use for tension fabric buildings. For example, many testing centersrestaurants, and grocery stores are using drive-thru-style structures in order to provide services to customers. Others have found they’re great for creating socially distant spaces, such as offices and break rooms.  

There are whole other industries that can get a lot of these buildings, too. For example, the construction industry can use fabric buildings to store materials and equipment, directly on site. They have a lot of uses, so you can make the most of the space you have, and protect any equipment or stock that you have on-site.  

Myth 4: A Tension Fabric Building Can’t Be Built To Your Needs 

There are plenty of tension buildings out there that are very rigid in what they offer. You’ll get a certain size and shape, and you’ll have to work around that. Because of that, it’s easy to imagine that a tension tent will be much the same. If they’re not customizable, are they useful to you? 

The fact is that tension fabric tents are very customizable. That’s thanks to a modular design, that allows you to put together a building that’s the size and shape that you need it to be. As these are usually clear span design too, there’s no poles or other structural aspects impeding the floor space inside it. That way, you can use it in whatever way suits you best.  

For example, they can be used as temporary garages to store vehicles, or as warehouses to stock items as needed. You’ll have lots of flexibility with these structures when you use them.  

Myth 5: Fabric Buildings Don’t Have Integrated Accessories 

When you construct any kind of building, you won’t simply build the walls and roof and call it a day. There are all kinds of accessories needed to make it usable, day today. Many think that tension fabric buildings don’t use these, so they aren’t as useful as other buildings.  

The fact is, you can have all kinds of accessories included, to ensure that it’s totally usable and up to speed. For example, things like exit lights and fire safety equipment can be provided. If you’re in a particularly hot or cold climate, HVAC can be installed along with it to keep it comfortable. It also helps with keeping stock at the right temperature, if that’s what you’re using the building for.  

There are all kinds of different accessories you can get along with your building when you get them. It’s worth talking to your supplier to see what’s available to you. Then you can get what you need from them.  

There are all kinds of misconceptions around tension fabric buildings, but you need to know the truth so you can take advantage of them. Now you know a lot of the benefits of using them, so you can get the most out of your temporary space. Look into hiring or buying one now to put all space on your site to the best possible use.  


6 Reasons On-Site Storage Tents Surpass Conex Storage Containers

Regardless of your industry, there’s likely a chance that you may need storage space. Here are 6 reasons why on-site storage tents surpass Conex containers for your storage needs.

Right now, there are lots of businesses are looking for ways to create extra temporary on-site storage. There are lots of different options out there, including the classic Conex storage container. However, if you’re looking for storage, you’re likely to get much better results with an on-site storage tent. Here’s just a few ways how the tent will surpass the tent when it comes to your needs.

Conex Storage Containers vs. On-Site Storage Tents

Conex storage containers were first made in in the late 1940’s, and they have become one of the most standard shipping containers out there. They typically measure 8ft 6in x 6ft 3in x 6ft 10in, with half sized versions available to make them modular.

These have their advantages, but there are lots of businesses that are now moving on to storage tents. These are temporary tent structures, that can be customized as needed for the business in question.

1. On-Site Storage Structures Are Much More Modular

Conex storage containers are somewhat modular, as you can add on half sized containers to make them larger. However, the problem is that they’re still very limited when it comes to size. As they’re so rigid, you’ll be restricted in how much you can store in them, and how you can use them.

That’s a problem you won’t have with on-site storage tents. These are highly modular, with lots of different sizes and shapes available to you. They can be put together in all kinds of ways, so you can get the size and shape of on-site storage units that you need.

This allows you to take advantage of all the space you have on site, and fit in all the items that you need to store. You won’t have to make any compromises, making the tents the best option here.

2. Weather Proofing Is Available With Tents

A Conex storage container will be able to keep out a certain amount of weather, but there’s only so much they can do. They’re not weatherproofed as such, so there’s no guarantee that water isn’t going to get in and damage whatever stock you have in there.

This is why the storage tents are the better choice, as they are designed to be much more weatherproof. Once they have been put together, you’ll find that they can resist a lot of inclement weather. They are waterproof, so no need to worry about leaks. They can also take a lot of wind, so you don’t have to worry about them being blown away.

Some business owners feel that a Conex storage container would be more solid, but in fact a tent can be as sturdy as a permanent building, when constructed correctly.

3. On-Site Storage Tents Can Be Placed And Moved Quickly

When comparing a Conex storage container and a storage tent, you’d think that the Conex would be the easier one to place and move. After all, they’re all one unit, and they don’t need to be constructed. In fact though, you’re going to be better off using the tent.

Why is that? That’s because the Conex containers will need to be moved in using a crane. That takes much more time as you set the crane up first, and then connect everything up ready for moving. If you ever want to move the containers, that’s going to take a lot more time.

The tents, on the other hand, are going to be much easier to move. They can be constructed with ease in a matter of hours, depending on the size of the tent. If you need to move it, it just needs to be disassembled and moved to their new position. It’s easy and will take a lot less time overall.

4. Add Air Conditioning

There are all kinds of things that you may need to store in your container units. Some items may need to be kept at a certain temperature. That’s especially true if you have your site in an especially hot or cold climate. As such, you need your unit to have air conditioning and heating as needed.

That’s something you can actually have with storage tents, as they can be rented along with an AC system. That allows you to make them comfortable to move around in, as well as keeping all stock at the right temperature. You won’t be able to do that with a Conex storage container, as they aren’t set up for it.

5. Use Tents For Other Uses Too

We’ve been discussing Conex storage containers and on-site storage tents as storage units only, but a tent can actually be used for all kinds of uses. They offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to usage, so you can put extra space on the site to good use.

That is something that has become very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, as businesses have had to find safer ways to work. For example, when they’ve needed to socially distance staff, they’ve created extra office space in tents so everyone can work spaced out. They’re also popular for pick up and drop off services, to avoid people having to go into businesses when they don’t have to.

This is something that you just can’t do with Conex storage containers, as they don’t offer the same amount of usability.

6. Set Up The Space You Want To Use It

Above, you saw how storage tents give you more when it comes to space and customization. Related to this, you can see that these tents give you a lot more when it comes to the space inside too. You want to be able to set up the space in a way that works for you. There’s no poles or walls inside, so you can lay everything out correctly.

That’s something you can’t do with a Conex storage container, as they come in regulation sizes. You can only get so much in each one, so they’re not great for storage.

As you can see, on-site storage tents have a lot of advantages over Conex storage containers. If you need storage on site, they’re going to be the right option for you.


Using Portable Carports For Your Business During Uncertainty

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have been finding the need for more outdoor space. How can portable carports be the solution? 

Over the last couple of years, COVID has really changed the ways many different industries have had to operate. Many industries have found themselves suddenly without the space they need to stay safe, and ensure that they can still operate as normal.

In many businesses, portable carports have become one of the best ways to adapt to times of uncertainty. Here’s how you can use them to adapt to COVID restrictions as they change over time, and keep both staff and customers safe.


What Are Portable Carports?

What are portable carports? It’s just as the name implies. It’s a type of portable structure that’s designed to accommodate cars, either to be parked in or driven through. As they’re temporary, they can be set up wherever you need them in the short or long term.

There are lots of businesses using them right now, as they have become quickly popular for drive through services. These are something that will be sticking around for a while, so it’s something that you’ll want to look into.


How Portable Carports Can Be Used

A portable carport has all kinds of uses, depending on your industry. Here are some ways they’re highly useful during COVID:

1. Testing and vaccines:

These are two things that are vital during COVID. People need to be able to get tested and get their vaccines safely. If you do it indoors, the risk of spreading the virus is higher, even if you’re keeping windows open for ventilation.

That’s why many hospitals are opting to do drive thru tests and vaccinations. Drive-thru COVID testing and vaccination tents allow them to keep everything outdoors, and makes things simple on both sides. People can get tested without even having to get out of their car, and it frees up space indoors and makes it safer, too.

2. Patient intake:

This is another way hospitals can use portable carports right now. When bringing in patients to the hospital, they need to be registered and triaged. That will result in lots of people coming in who potentially are carrying COVID, and are therefore a risk.

Having COVID medical tent with drive thru registration helps eliminate that risk. You can register patients as they come in, and even test them at this point to if needed. It helps keep potential COVID cases out of the hospital, keeping everyone safe.

3. Prescription pick up:

Pharmacies have also had to be careful during COVID, limiting who can come inside as to stop the spread of COVID. Portable carports have allowed them to stay safe, by bringing repeat prescriptions out to customers in their cars.

This allows them to keep everyone safe and limit their numbers indoors. The carport can be placed wherever it’s needed too, making things easier for everyone who comes by the pharmacy.

4. Grocery pick up:

This is something that has become very popular at grocery stores recently, as they have aimed to keep numbers down in store for social distancing. They allow their customers to buy groceries online, which are then bagged up and brought out to them by staff.

By using a portable car port for this, you’ll have a clearly designated pick up zone. It also helps keep staff out of the elements when they’re working there, while allowing for good air flow.

5. Curbside food pickup:

In a similar vein, restaurants have been using portable carports for their pick up options. Rather than have customers come in store for their food, they bring it out to them.

Again, the carport tent shows drivers where to go for their pick up, and allows them to get food without having to go inside. Restaurant tents have been incredibly useful, allowing restaurants to stay open even when they couldn’t have in store diners.

The Benefits Of Portable Carports

These were just a few ways that portable carports can be used to help businesses in uncertain times. There’s lots of benefits to using them too, including the following

1. Affordable to hire or buy:

When looking into getting a portable car port, you’ll soon see that they’re highly affordable. Most choose to rent them, as they’re something that they’ll only be using until its safe enough to go back to normal. Even if you choose to buy your carport, you’ll see it’s more affordable than you thought.

This means you can take advantage of a carport, no matter how small your business is. It’s a small outlay in order to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

2. Place anywhere they’re needed:

As these carports are portable, they can be placed almost anywhere you need them to be. That gives you a lot of flexibility over how you use them, and you can move them around as needed.

3. Highly durable structures:

As these are temporary structures, it’s easy to think that they won’t stand up to much and are maybe not as durable as you’d think. However, nothing could be further from the truth. These structures are capable of taking on high winds and heavy rain, without developing leaks or taking on damage. They can be set up for months without any problems at all.

4. Different styles available:

When looking into portable carports, you’ll find plenty of different options available to you. As there are so many, you’ll easily find enough to suit your needs. You’ll be able to get ready built options that have the number of carports you need, so you can fit them on your property.

As they’re a modular design, you’ll also be able to add them together if needed. That helps you customize what you get, and get a structure that suits your needs perfectly. You’ll never need to compromise on a portable carport in this way.

As you’ve seen here, portable carports are already being used by different industries during these uncertain times. You can make use of them too while COVID continues, and keep your staff and customers safe. Take advantage of them now, and make some small changes to create a safe working atmosphere.