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The Benefits Of Temporary Structures For Oil And Gas Facilities

There are many aspects of oil and gas facilities, luckily temporary structures can improve efficiency and productivity of these locations.

The oil and gas industry is expanding all the time, and that means there needs to be some flexibility when it comes to operations. Operations get costly quickly, and so you need to find methods that are cost effective yet safe and secure enough for your needs.

Many companies within the industry have started using temporary structures in their operations. They bring a huge amount of benefits to them, and that’s something you can take advantage of too. Here’s just a few reasons why you may want to look into temporary structures for your oil and gas facilities.


Set Up A Structures Almost Anywhere

The industry moves quickly, and you need to be able to move with it. Whatever you need your structure for, you need it to come with you and be ready for action. Commercial grade structures are made to withstand some of the toughest weather conditions out there, and can withstand rain, snow, wind, and blazing sun.

Because of this, you can be sure you can safely use those structures wherever you are. It makes it a lot easier to move around, as you won’t have to worry about whether your temporary structures will be up to the local weather conditions.


Move A Structure Quickly

If you do need to relocate, then that temporary structure will have to come with you. A good commercial grade structure is more easily moved than you’d think. They can be moved via a crane or on wheels, so you don’t have to worry about dissembling and reassembling them every time you need to move.

As with most things in the industry, time is of the essence. Because you’re not having to deal with this process every time you move, it’s more efficient than you’d think to use a temporary structure.


Get The Size And Shape Structure That You Need

There’s a lot of flexibility in temporary structures, so you can custom order one that suits your needs exactly. Whatever you need in a structure, you can get it.

For example, you can get a structure with the right amount of floorspace, depending on what you need to store. With temporary oil and gas facilities, you’ll also have a full clear space throughout the tent, so no poles will be blocking sight lines or making it difficult to store items. You can even get translucent covers, which let light in for ease of working during the day.

With so many options, you’re going to be able to get a structure that suits your needs exactly.


Reduce Costs for Oil and Gas Facilities

One of the most important things when working in the field is keeping costs down. You want to make things as cost efficient as possible, and temporary structures help you do that.

For example, drilling for oil is a costly job, and you don’t want to lose a single day as that will cost you a lot to do so. Using a temporary structure for your oil and gas production, you can keep the area covered and protected from the weather, so you won’t lose time to adverse weather conditions.

It’s also worth noting that because these structures as temporary, you’re actually going to see less costs when it comes to property taxes. That’s another way they help to keep costs down.

The structures themselves are cost efficient too, especially in comparison to other options available. You can hire them for the time period that you need, without having to pay for cleaning or storage costs. That’s a big plus when you’re trying to keep costs down.


Storage For Everything

One of the best benefits of using a temporary structure is that you can use them to store almost anything. No matter what you need to keep out of the weather, you can place it in one of these structures:

– General oil and gas facilities and applications:

Whether you’re looking to work under the structures, or store oil and gas, you can put them in a temporary structure. They’re safe and designed with usage like this in mind.

– Vehicle storage:

There’s going to be lots of vehicles on site, and you’ll want to keep them all in one location. Temporary structures work well as vehicle garages, keeping everything under one roof and safe.

– Equipment storage:

Just like vehicles, there’s going to be a lot of equipment that you’re using on site. When not in use, you can store everything in a temporary structure. This allows you to keep everything together and accounted for.

– Warehousing:

A temporary warehouse tent can improve the efficiency of your oil and gas facilities, whether you just need a temporary space or something that will stand for longer.


Quick Construction

As mentioned before, you’ll be on the move and need to be able to get out on site as soon as possible. That means moving all your equipment out too, and that’s where you can start seeing slow down. A temporary structure is something you need, but you don’t want to spend a long time getting to up and running.

These kinds of structures can be put up quickly, much more quickly than you’d imagine. In most cases, they can be constructed in a matter of days, allowing production to continue in your oil and gas facilities with little to no downtime. That way you aren’t losing any time before you can get to work.


Hard Wearing Design

When you think of a temporary structure, you’re thinking of something that won’t stand the test of time. In fact, if you rent or buy a structure you’ll be shown just how durable they can be. Most are made with corrosion resistant steel, and rip stop material what ensures you won’t get tears in the structure’s fabric.

Some companies even offer multi decade warranties on their structures, as they’re so confident in them. That’s great news for you, as you know it’ll last you for as long as you need it.

There are so many reasons why temporary structures work so well for your oil and gas facilities. You’ll be able to reap the rewards if you use them on site, so now is the time to start looking into them for your operations.

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