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Automotive Manufacturing Facilities: Benefits Of Clear Span Tents

The automotive manufacturing industry is one that’s changing and evolving all the time – and clear span tents can help.

There is constant evolution in the automotive industry. As such, your manufacturing set up needs to be able to evolve too. That’s why many manufacturers are now looking into using clear span tents at their facilities. These give them all kinds of advantages that they just can’t get elsewhere. Here’s how you can benefit at your site.


Use Clear Span Tents For Many Different Automotive Manufacturing Tasks

At your site, there are so many different things happening at once. If you experience a boom in production, then you’re going to need more space. The space you need will depend on your business and unique needs, and a clear span tent can work with all those needs. Here are some uses of automotive tent structures:

Employee break areas:

A boom in production means you’ll have more employees, and you’ll need space for those new employees. If your current staff areas aren’t big enough, then you’ll be able to use tents to make them bigger. For example, you can utilize break room tents, or entire cafeteria structures if needs be.


If it’s storage you need, then you’re covered with a clear span temporary warehouse tent. These give you all the storage space you need, under a strong roof that will keep everything covered. These spaces can be climate controlled too if needs be, making it a lot easier to get the right conditions for your warehouse.

Test tracks and bays:

New machines will need to be tested, and that’s where a clear span tent comes in useful. They’re a modular design, so you can make them as long or as wide as you need them to be. There are plenty of standard tents that are designed for this too, such as 2, 5 or 10 bay testing structures.

Office space:

It’s not just the manufacturing side of the business that needs more space. If you’re taking on  more admin staff, you need space for them to work. Using clear span tents gives them all the space they need to work, whether you’re taking them on temporarily or permanently.

Assembly and automotive manufacturing:

Of course, you’ll need to create more space for automotive manufacturing when you need it. Clear span tents have all the space needed under their roofs to help you create that capacity.

Essentially, you can use clear span tents for almost any purpose you can think of. They’re a blank canvas for you to work with, so you can install them and use them for whatever you need.


Benefits Of Clear Span Tents for Automotive Manufacturing Facilities

A clear span tent can be used for almost any purpose you can think of. The biggest benefit is that they give you that extra space, when you need it the most. There are plenty of other benefits that you can take advantage of too, such as the following:

Get your structure up quickly:

When you need that extra space, you need it fast. Other temporary structures take longer than you’d think to get up and ready. A clear span tent can be up in just a matter of days, and still give you a solid indoor space. If you need it quickly, then the clear span tent will give you the best results.

Get the right size and shape for your needs:

Most clear span tents have a modular design that’s great for you and your industry. Because of this design, you can put together a structure that has just the size and shape that you need for your automotive manufacturing facility. You can work with your supplier to get what you’re looking for in a tent. Of course, there are plenty of standard tents, such as testing bays, that you can choose from too.

Rent or buy your automotive manufacturing structure:

Every company has different needs when it comes to their tents. Some may be experiencing short term demand in manufacturing, so they just need the space in the interim whole they meet that demand. Other automotive manufacturing facilities may need that structure longer term. You have flexibility in how you obtain a clear span tent for your purposes. You can either rent the tent in the short term, or buy one if you know you’ll need it for longer.

Clear structure with all the room you need:

There are plenty of regular tent structures that give you all these same benefits, but use poles top keep the roof up. This works well, but the poles will be in the structure, limiting how you can use the space. There’s no poles in a clear span tent, so you don’t need to worry about this. Instead, you can use the space in any way you want, as there’s no restrictions.

Create comfortable working spaces:

One of the best things about a clear span tent is that it’s just as good as a permanent building, once you have them set up. You want your staff to be able to work comfortably in the space, so you can add in extras that let them do so. For example, you can climate control a tent with AC add ons, so the tent can be used year round. Whether you’re creating offices, warehouse space, or break rooms, your staff can be comfortable.

Get custom tent structures:

One of the best things about hiring or buying clear span tents for the automotive manufacturing industry is that you can get parts made specifically for your needs. For example, you can have custom doors made that will accommodate a vehicle, no matter what their size. With parts like this you don’t have to worry about working around the structure, the structure will work around you.

When you’re in need of temporary housing for manufacturing, or you need longer term storage, a clear span tent is often the best way to go. It gives you a lot of flexibility, and allows you to create just the structure that you want.

It’s not surprising that many automotive manufacturers are already using them for their needs. You can start now by ordering the clear span tents you need for your business.

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